Has anyone in the UK received theirs yet?

Hey all, was looking forward to finally getting my Arduboy to tinker with during the last of the lockdown but it’s apparently been in London since the 22nd of June and neither end of the tracking has updated, concerned it might be a lost cause! Has anyone else received theirs? Or in a similar position?

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Hey sorry I just got back to your email.

It’s not totally uncommon for tracking numbers to not get updated for a while once they come into a country. It usually only takes a few days to a week. Sometimes it takes about a month, other times maybe 2 months. Generally if it is stuck in one spot more than a month that is a good time to use arduboy.com/contact to get a hold of me. But, as I’ve mentioned in the 2020 notice on the website, it’s taking me a while to get back to everyone since a lot of people are asking and I have limited resources to check everyone’s orders. (but slowly catching up)

So, in general if you are international I would expect orders to take about a month or two to arrive, please feel free to use the contact form, but that will also take a while for me to respond.

Contact your local delivery office you may have outstanding duty fees with the slip going missing.

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If it’s already in a London distribution centre then in the hands of the distributor and most probably out of the hands of Arduboy Inc.

It’s possible (perhaps even likely) that it’s being held up at a Royal Mail office/depot due to outstanding customs fees (usually £10 - £20 in my experience), which is what happed with my Arduventure Arduboy.

I think they ought to have informed you about it, but it’s been a while since I had an international delivery so I can’t remember whether they tend to inform you beforehand or not.

Also bear in mind that deliveries are likely to take longer during the COVID19 pandemic due to extra protection measures put in place for handling international deliveries.
I don’t know the exact details of what’s involved, but I expect that it involves putting deliveries into quarantine and a lot of extra cleaning procedures that generally slow down the whole process and thus limit the throughput of delivery services.

In general, for international customers we recommend if possible to buy from a local distributor if shipping time is at all a concern for you. In most cases it is also dramatically cheaper due to import taxes. That’s why I’ve got the list of distributors in the buy-now page.

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