Have the new orders shipped yet?

(Mike Smith) #1

I ordered my arduboy on October 13. Was wondering if they have shipped yet?


Michael Smith

(Cody) #2

Well if it’s over three weeks you should contact someone and if you did preorder you will be waiting a while!

(Dee Ann Reisinger) #3

I’m guessing Michael has this post in mind, which says that orders made since around October 11th were going to be shipped last week. I’ll confess to being similarly curious :slight_smile:

(Celine) #4

They will be getting out soon! Kevin will probably make a mention or post on the forums when it happens, but also do check your spam folders as that’s where a lot of the email shipping notifications have ended up in.

(Dee Ann Reisinger) #5

Update: The order I made on October 17 just shipped! Thanks, Team Arduboy! And as everyone else has said, take the advice about checking your spam folder seriously!