Haven't gotten my Arduboy

So I got charged for an arduboy, but still have not received it yet. And it has been three weeks. And no one will reply to any of my messages. I even have the order number and the confirmation that I got charged for one.

Maybe it’s related to this?: Arduboy not yet shipped!? Order of Nov 16th

Sadly that isn’t the problem. :confused: Never got any email saying there was a problem with the shipping. And they don’t have problems shipping to the US. But it more sounds like there is a lot that they are shipping out and it will take a bit to get to people.

More irrarted that they won’t reply to my messages at all…

@Tara_Blackwell Please reach us at www.arduboy.com/contact with your order information and we can look up your order. We try to get back to people within 24 hours.

Already sent two messages over a day ago

Still no replies to my messages, sent to the contact email.

Hello I only see the one email on the 20th which we have responded to. You should have your tracking number now. If you can let us know how you were trying to reach us previously that would help.

Well I didn’t the reply until yesterday. And I sent one on the community message they send you when you first make an account. And says if you have any questions please write here. And it shouldn’t take me three weeks to get my tracking number. You should send the tracking number right when someone orders. Not until yesterday, all I had was my confirmation number.

It was the message stream “welcome to the community”. I sent two messages on that 3 days ago.

Emails are sent out when the purchase has been shipped, but we have had a terrible problem with Shipwire.com who we signed up to do our logistics. Their email server sends it directly to your spam folder. If you check there you should also find it. I’ve tried a number of ways to fix this and a number of other problems we have had with shipping, but in the end it actually means we have to shut down the store entirely.

In the future, Arduboys will be sold through distributor network only.

The community and the store are different sites and that’s why we have the contact page hosted on the store section of the website. We are working to make it more obvious where to go for support.

And I’m sorry but the administrator who manages the inbox of this community forum has been out on holiday. I actually didn’t know that message was being sent out to new users as it’s buried deep within the settings of the site. I’ll have to go back and try to figure out how to access those.

So sorry, you’re experiencing some of the issues that we are trying to work through as we transition to a new website in the new year. You’re not alone and we are still here to help.

Oh okay, I completely understand. I somehow didn’t even get it through my junk mail either. :confused: But I have it now and it will be here next week. :slight_smile: I’m sorry if I came off rude in anyway. I can’t wait until it gets here! Happy holidays! :slight_smile:

It’s all good! We want everyone to get their Arduboy(s)!

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