Having trouble loading Circuit Dude

I am sad that i just seem to have no luck with your great work.
Circuit Dude‘s .arduboy file is not found in team arg‘s uploader.
I can’t use your uploader, either. The arduboy is detected and when i want to transfer a file the program tells me that the transfer was successful, the arduboy boots up, but shows the game that was installed before. With team arg‘s uploader everything works fine…
Have to say that my arduboy is not recognized by windows 10 as „other device“, but only shown on usb device on com 3 (i installed all drivers you suggested manually though). Sigh, i think the program doesn’t like me😆

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What is the game you are trying to replace with Circuit Dude?

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I did try a lot of games, like team arg games (last one i tried was trolly fish) or leanna the lion, i can’t upload anything with your program i am afraid.

(It’s not my program. @crait wrote it.)

The source code for Circuit Dude is available. Why not load it from the Arduino IDE?

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Yes i could do this of course or use the hex file, but i am interested in why it doesn’t work.
Sure, it is crait‘s uploader, sorry…
And thank you for your response!

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Aparently some other people have had issues with @crait’s uploader on Windows 10.

Give @eried’s uploader a try:

If that works then it’s definitely a bug with @crait’s uploader (and possibly Win10 specific), in which case we can’t do anything about it because @crait’s uploader is closed source so only he’d be able to fix it.

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Good suggestion. Unfortunately Avira does see the exe as virus file and won’t me let install it. And i don’t like the idea to remove my antivirus software.

Do you have a C# compiler/IDE?
If you have a copy of Visual Studio you could compile it yourself.

Does Avira not allow you to override its decisions?

If not then you might have to resort to one of the other techniques mentioned here:

But for some you’d have to extract the .hex from the .arduboy. The easiest way is to rename the .arduboy to .zip (assuming you have admin access so you can change file extensions) and then open it like a normal .zip (since technically it is a normal .zip but with a different extension), or to use 7zip or a similar zip management program (e.g. winzip).

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Thanks. Team Arg‘s uploader does work fine for me, but it won’t find circuit dude as .arduboy file. That is what i don’t understand and what i want to look into.
I could find workarounds just to upload the game, but that doesn’t explain the problem.
A friend has the exact same problem (windows 10 also).
Btw: Rhis is a really friendly and helpful community, your suggestions are much appreciated.

Unfortunately @TEAMarg’s uploader is also closed source, so only @TEAMarg can fix the bugs.

One of the reasons I suggested Eried’s is because the source code is freely available and hosted on github so if it doesn’t work it’s much easier to figure out why and submit a fix.
(Plus Eried is around quite regularly so any fixes would probably be merged quite quickly.)

I’m glad to hear that.
We certainly try at any rate.

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I have no idea why one engine reports my uploader as virus, I sent a request to MalwareBytes (Avira uses the same engine?)


Hi, yes maybe…
I don’t remember the exact warning…