Helii - A side-scrolling tunnel game



Helii is a port of my homebrew clone of the old Flash “Helicopter Game” and its ilk (i.e. game type that Flappy Bird is a variation of). As you fly through the tunnel, the gap becomes more narrow and more challenging - How far can you go?

This initial release is a bit preliminary and unpolished, but I wanted to get it out there in case anyone wants to get their hands on it or tinker around with the source (which is a huge mess right now, as is often the case with my “fun” projects…).


Tap the B button repeatedly to fly or to start a new game. Use the A button to pause.


Get the source here: https://github.com/BHSPitMonkey/Helii-Arduboy


"Semi-Official" Game List for the Arduboy
Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
(Cody) #2

Awww so cool can’t wait till my arduboy arrives!!!


New update fixes the flickering on the left column and adds a simple score display.

(Holmes) #4

Can I host this on my Arduboy Manager?


@crait Of course, have at it!