Hello all, noob checking in

Hey all, checking in with my first post on here. Just ordered my Arduboy and excited for it to arrive.

Have wanted to learn to code for a long time, and have had ideas for games I wanted to try for a while - and now I seem to have stumbled upon a platform that will be [relatively] easy to learn on. Plus the community here seems wonderful.

Hoping to be coding for the first time soon!


Welcome to you! Looking forward to discover your achievements!


Welcome! Hope to see you coding soon.


Welcome, dude! Everyone started as a n00b at some point in their life! Great attitude! If you want, you should follow my Arduboy programming tutorial series, found here:

Again, welcome!


Way ahead of you: your series, and you getting Circuit Dude from Arduboy to Steam, is why I decided to buy one.


OooooOOOOooooh! Cool! :slight_smile: Can’t wait for you to play the original!

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That’s how I feel when I got my games working.
Well, @Penniwhistle, WELCOME!
Crait’s tutorial will get you to somewhere DECENT(making your own 2D game won’t be a issue, most of the time.). Although I didn’t do @eried’s tutorial (because I don’t like the way he write things) you should definitely look at. Sprites and other useful tools are helpful.
Most of the games are open source, so when you are having difficulty doing certain things, you can always download someone else’s game to get an idea see what he/she was doing, but most ppl have their own style (which sometimes is a bad thing.)

Gotta go. I have a game release this midnight!


Welcome to the edge of the rabbit hole.

Please ignore the dangling pointers, memory leaks and off by one errors on your way down.


Had no idea that I wrote a game building tutorial


Thank you all for the replies. I’m happy with CDC now, I ordered my Arduboy at 3pm yesterday, and this morning it was delivered. I expected at least an extra day for them to hand it to the Post Office.

Well…time to play some games I suppose!

Edit: IDE all set up, Hello World made. My sixteen year old sister found it interesting too, which is awesome. She made something a little more fun though.


Actually, the first thing I uploaded is NOT hello world. I uploaded ArduBreakout.
But be aware, ArduBreakout is INCREDIBLY old. It was there before @Pharap came, and therefore is not recommended to learn from.
Why, if you are not in the mood of coding, just download some game and have fun. That’s not inappropriate (although everyone would like you to write something)
Go through the tutorial. Good luck!

Hmmm…I am also 16 when I got my arduboy…

@Pharap you didn’t read the “greetings” by @discobot, and you didn’t have the badge thing.
What will happen if I mention him, though?

@discobot wasn’t a thing until 5th May 2017, about 1-2 years after I joined.

He plays 80s disco music on loop.

Seriously though - absolutely nothing happens. Same as @system.

My advice to all beginners - RTM, read the magazine:

Lots of interesting articles on varying topics.


This is based on the obsolete Arduboy library, not Arduboy2, so I wouldn’t recommend it as an example sketch for learning.

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You only have to #include <Arduboy2.h> to get Arduboy2::drawBitmap, the basic Audio functions and ArduboyBeep functionality.

That said, imports aren’t a bad thing.
Having a single 1000-2000 line code file isn’t desirable, having several smaller code files is.

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I have no idea what you’re talking about here.

Converting sound functions that used the Arduboy library to using the Arduboy2 and ArduboyPlaytune libraries is generally simple and straightforward. It took me less than 10 minutes to convert and test your Breakout sketch.

My fork, with just changes to use the Arduboy2 and ArduboyPlaytune libraries, instead of the Arduboy library, is here:

If your Breakout code is based on the ArduBreakout example in the Arduboy library, you are obligated to follow the LGPL that it was licensed under, as stated in the comments at the start of the ArduBreakout.ino file. This means including Copyright notices and following the other terms an conditions.

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My advice for french beginners is to follow the great MOOC “ABC du langage C” on Fun Mooc, by Rémi Sharrock and Institut Mines-Télécom. It started again recently.

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By default, the Arduino compiler compiles as C++,
so I’d recommend sticking with C++ tutorials rather than C tutorials.

If you use C tutorials:

  • Eventually C tutorials will teach something that won’t work with a C++ compiler, like int * dynamicArray = malloc(sizeof(int) * 10);
  • Eventually C tutorials will teach outdated stuff that isn’t necessary in C++, like typedef struct _MyStruct { int x, y; } MyStruct;
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