Help a noob out

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Ive just discovered the arduboy and ordered on friday. Ive been searching for guides and tutorials hoping to find some info on how to learn how to program for this bad boy. Ive always had an interest in making simple games, ive just never seen a platform that seemed simple enough or open enough for me to take the plunge.

Are there any guides/ books/ tutorials or whatever that you guys could recommend to help me? Or just something with a basic layout of what would be needed to get started? I saw one or two threads asking similar questions, but the info in the links provided went a bit over my head. I understand that programming would be done in c/c++, but i honestly only know that that is a programming language.

I have absolutely no experience whatsoever, but i learn fast and im very interested in this tiny pocket console.

Thanks in advance.


Hey hey!

Official guides are a comin! In the mean time I would highly recommend looking through some of the examples that have been provided in the official library.

After installing the Arduboy Library through the Arduino IDE you will have access to all of the examples included in the library.

Here is the Buttons example from the library.

Reading through the comments in these examples should be highly instructive.

One reason for no official guides yet, is the API just recently became finalize with v1.1 and we are working on v1.2 being released.

Also… search around the help wanted section, there are a couple threads very similar.

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Thanks! The majority of whats on that page went over my head, but ill look around the help wanted section as suggested. Guess i should pick up a book/ pdf so i can understand what x, y, null etc. are. As i said, i have no idea what the hell im doing.:sweat_smile:

Haha, well it seems like you need a crash course in C++, which is understandable. I don’t know if we will ever dedicate a guide to teaching C++ in depth, as there are going to be countless other, and better resources out there than we could produce.

This is actually a medium level book, but if you start searching around for “best beginner c++ book” you are sure to find some great resouces.

One thing to remember is that the C++ Arduino uses does not have the STL (the c++ standard template library that includes some useful libraries), so it is going to be a lot more straightforward. But as a result, you need to focus on learning the c++98 syntax and not c++11 or c++14 which uses the STL to a greater degree.

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Will do. Thanks for the links and for your patience. Good thing i like reading, looks like ill be doing ALOT of it:grin:

In a very short time, like within a week, we should have our library officially added to the Codebender library list. This means you will be able to use an in browser editor to create or load a sketch, as well as upload the program to the Arduboy.

You can checkout htttp:// to see what I am talking about : )

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Cant access it on my phone, but sounds very cool. Ill have to check it out on my computer, probably tomorrow

Good to know, thanks for the feedback : )

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One thing to keep in mind is that, from a programming point of view, the Arduboy is basically just an Arduino Leonardo with an OLED display, buttons, a speaker and an RGB LED attached to some of the pins. The tutorials and other resources that the Arduino community provides is a good source of information.


Thanks. That info will be very useful to me once i understand what basic commands are and how to write simple programs. Ive just started reading Programming Principles and Practice Using C++. Hopefully itll help me get where i wanna be in a few months.

If you guys have any other recources or suggestions for learning id love to hear them

I started a bit of a book recommendation wiki in the private lounge section. I’ve now moved it to the general category. There might be something in there worthwhile. Feel free to add to it if you become a trusted user (it’s a wiki).

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I found this today. Looks promising… I think. Haha

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