HELP(Cannot upload a sketch)

HI, I may need help.:confounded:
Suddenly, I became unable to upload a sketch to my arduboy today.
When I try to upload a new sketch, the yellow LED blinks only one time and then the old sketch restarts immediately.
There are no error messages on the Arduino IDE(ver.1.6.9)
I could upload a sketch until yesterday.
What should I do?

Actually I have similar issues with IDE 1.6.9. I think it is related to the image size.

Did your image size increase before it started to fail uploading?

@itoda3 what sketch were you trying to upload? and what sketch was perviously on the arduboy?

@veritazz have you been able to correct the problem since then?

I suspect the bug may be due to

* avr: Check at runtime if 32u4 boards are shipped with new bootloader; if so
       write bootloader magic value in an unproblematic RAM location

As far as I know, we don’t have the new boot loader so it should still use the old method. If you can let me know the specific sketches I can try to do some more focused testing.

If you have this problem, the reset button can still be used to upload new sketches.

@bateske Yes, I reduced the RAM usage a little bit so it is below 2kb. Now I am able to flash a new image when I do the following:

  • Hold the UP button
  • switch on the Arduboy (now you can release the UP button)
  • click on upload on the Arduino IDE

If this does not help (or the option got removed by the developer) then I mostly succeed to use the following sequence (bit lousy, I did it with my game Fatsche, this is why I can use platformio):

  • push reset button of Arduboy
  • run “platformio run --target upload” multiple times
  • if you see below text (here linux) quickly press reset button again
Auto-detected: /dev/ttyACM0
Waiting for the new upload port...
  • now after a short time the sketch should be uploaded

Hi @bateske, thank you for quick response.
A game of life sketch is on the arduboy now.
I am trying to upload a ardubreakout sketch or a blob attack sketch.

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The problem was solved.
I could upload a new sketch in “flashlight” mode.
Thanks for your help.:smiley:

Hooray! Everyone cool then? Wow I’m always impressed by the awesome people in the community. Everyone is so ready to help especially you @MLXXXp!

We are going to work with arduino on the next production batch to include the correct bootloader that will avoid this problem.

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