Help design packaging for Arduboy!

Hey guys,

We are thinking of going into retail in the future and because so many of you have taken awesome photos on your social media, we would like to reach out to any of you who would be interested to work with us in creating a packaging!

We are hoping to do something around the size of 4" x 7"…

If you are a Graphic designer and would like to get in contact with us, shoot me a personal message @Celinebins or use the contact form at


Hey! Interested- Please check the inbox. :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually, I got the e-mail back, saying that it was undeliverable…
Please e-mail me at:

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Sounds cool, how much time do we have to make a design?

Some sketches or a rough draft in a week? And then we can refine the ideas over another week or so :slight_smile: Hopefully that sounds reasonable

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I couldn’t resist :smiley:


Is there, like, a template? Fixed dimensions we have to fit into? Do we have to design all sides, or front it fine too? How much time do we have?


@ekem - Can you post the template you used for that?

That would be a file @Celinebins or @bateske has. Please don’t feel constrained by the design posted, that was really just for the twitters!

###Design Constraints for Arduboy

  • Arduboy must be safe-ish
  • Arduboy must be happy
  • It must fit the Arduboy
  • Arduboy must feel confident and stylish

You will have to work more with Celine for templates. You might even start a new thread requesting the template and do a group project. The design challenge was a surprise to me!

Thanks for the response! @crait @LTorrecilla @nullheart :smiley:
Don’t really have a template, but I can share the PDF of our latest sample: (link is to my google docs, let me know if you have problems downloading it)

The background right now is rainbow, but we might steer away from that to focus more on making the packaging easy to understand for someone who doesn’t know anything about Arduboy, or even Arduino.

We are hoping for the size to be 4’’ x 7’’. Timeline by June 6th, but let me know if you need more time! :slight_smile:

Just wondering if anyone has any input or ideas!

Is there any packaging out there that you like?

I’m pretty inspired by what makey makey has done but probably not as fancy:

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Would we be able to have windows in the packaging like that?

Can we make any shape a dimension that we want?

I created a template for the Arduboy packaging that I had in mind. Anyone have any feedback so far?


Not sure if you guys are strict about double-posting, but I have an updated box to show off. :open_mouth: (Still not done, though.)


Here’s a bit more of an updated draft for the packaging. Please let me know of any changes and stuff. I’m still playing around with spacing and stuff right now. Whenever we get closer to figuring out what the packaging will look like, I’ll have to re-create the entire thing and have proper proportions, etc. I know we want to focus more on learning to program and stuff, so I’m going to think about how to incorporate that into the design


Hi! This box looks amazing… and I agree the palette colors… are “corporative” like forum/web colors.

I’m graphic designer too… If need some help, contact me.


I think it would be a good idea for the packaging to include a requirements list somewhere, similar to:


  1. A computer with a free USB port running Windows®, Mac® OS X® or Linux.
  • The computer must be connected to the internet to install the required software and download games. Once installed, a connection is only required to obtain new games or updates.
  • A USB data cable with a Micro-USB connector on one end, for installing a game on the Arduboy and charging it. (Not included)
  • A charger, computer or other device with a USB port for charging the Arduboy. (Not included)

Note: Only one game can be loaded at a time. Re-attachment to a computer is required to switch games.

The “only one game” note is included to prevent Arduboys being returned when it’s discovered that the kids in the back seat can’t change games without bringing a laptop along on the trip (or similar situations).


Instead of the text
Great way for children to learn programming
I’d make it
Great way for anyone to learn programming
or just
Great way to learn programming


Not design related, but:

Given all the problems people have had with USB leads that work on other devices not working on the Arduboy, I would suggest adding an extra dollar or two to the RRP and including one, that would solve a lot of the problems people have posted here.