Help design packaging for Arduboy!

(Holmes) #23

The copy is just place-holder text right now and can be updated once we finalized everything and the template is re-created.

(Evan Reece) #24

Will the pre ordered Arduboys come in this packaging, or will they come in the packaging from the kickstarter (the one with the nutrition facts) ?

(Ross) #25

This totally would enhance user satisfaction.

Totally. When talking about learning to program, its an everyone type of situation, really no boundaries to whom is wanting to learn about programming and computers these days.

(Pharap) #26

I’m probably late to the party here, but I think it would be good to mention the impact of mentioning the language being C++ on the box.

C++ has a long history and is probably the most heard of language in the world (I don’t think Java has quite managed to eclipse it). As a side effect it has many connotations from inside and outside the programming world. Some are negative, in that it’s a hard language and only “pro hackers” users, which might put some users off. On the other hand, some users would definately be drawn in by the promise that they would be using the language that “pro hackers” use.

I think the text on the box needs to be carefully chosen to encourage people that whilst it is a powerful language, it is not necissarily hard (which is sort of a lie-to-children since it is hard to use correctly, but not to use naively). To quote Stroustrup “C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do, it blows away your whole leg”.

(Besides, we all know that C++ is not the most hardcore language out there and that real programmers use butterflies.)

(Celine) #27

all comments are still welcome, and thanks for that! i’ve been a bit slow on replies (sorry @crait!), but its nice to see from the 5 clicks that we all enjoy comic strips. :octopus:

(Kevin) #28

@crait needs an award or badge or like, someone get this guy an Arduboy!!

(Pharap) #29

(Psst, don’t tell anyone, the one I’m using is one I borrowed from a friend who bought 3.)

(Darrell) #30

I’m kind of surprised this thread is still active since it started over two months ago. Are there pictures of the final packaging? Will the pre-orders, that are getting ready to ship, be in the new box? I think I saw in another thread that they will include the USB cable as suggested. I’m so looking forward to the day I can walk into the local Target and grab an Arduboy off the shelf! Maybe even buy them as Christmas presents for family members [wink]. :fleur-de-lis:

(Pharap) #31

It was dead for about a month, I artificially revived it because I was bored and there weren’t any new posts to reply to on more recent topics.

(Holmes) #32

I would love to update the design I was working on since it was just a rough draft. I just need some more feedback…

I do have a question, though. What are the restraints for box dimensions?

(Damian Vila) #33

I’m a Graphic/Web Designer too. Can I play or is it too late? :smile:

(Celine) #34

Hey, we are now looking at the size 130mm x 100mm x 25mm (thickness).We like the purple and consistent corporate branding, however that kind clashes/matches the Tetris MicroCard’s colour. Also are looking to do some sort of large lifestyle image in the front, instead of a window (also saves cost and plastic). Some space on the bottom is needed for the UPC code and all the official FCC CE stuff

(Celine) #35

Sure! Feel free to chip in with ideas or images… We’ve (or at least I) have been loving all the crazy over the top packaging and images we see in Japan but not sure how that would fit with Arduboy :robot::anger_right::upside_down:

(Holmes) #36

Hmmm… I was thinking that the original Arduboy could have a purple case while the Tetris could have a nice red color with a very similar theme. We also should keep in mind that the Arduboy will come in several different colors, too!

Bottom of the box? Or bottom of the back?

(Damian Vila) #37

Nice! I’m already sketching a few ideas I have, and I’ll try to put some images here really soon.

I understand you want to keep the purple and current logo, right?
I do think it needs a makeover, but I don’t want to disrupt the statu quo.

But if you don’t mind if I do a couple proposal for that too (just for consideration), I think a better (more consistent) final art can be achieved.

In any case, I’ll try to make proposals with both current logo/color and with my own interpretation, if you don’t mind. I’m a very iterative designer, and you never know where something is going to end…

(Pharap) #38

Personally I like the current logo and the general purple theme.
Purple is a nice neutral colour.

(Damian Vila) #39

I have nothing against the colors, really. It just reminds me a bit of OSH Park, but that’s it. :blush:
But exploring different color combinations won’t hurt (just to see how they work, no need to change anything).

(Celine) #40

Nope, doesnt NEED to be… We are open to anything! Sure, looking forward to see what you come up with!

(Celine) #41

I like the idea of a similar theme, helps kinda keep it consistent… The UPC code would be on the bottom of the box (so you cant see it if you put it on the table).

(Kevin) #42

We made some small revisions but this is basically it :slight_smile: