Help design packaging for Arduboy!

(Darrell) #43

Awesome! I’m going to get a green one when they arrive at Target! :gift:

(Kevin) #44

We met with them actually and they are excited to carry the product in Christmas… of 2017!!! We will have a way better cooler packaging by then, we need something that will explain what the product is at first glance.

I really love the direction @crait has gone with the design, I think we are gonna stay away from purple because we may only retail the white version.

We will continue to sell direct on our website, the next step is amazon. Seeed studio wants to sell the unit and so does Pimironi… and potentially Spark Fun and Adafruit. For brick and mortar retail we are going to focus on independent retailers first as these will help us maintain a closer relationship with our customers.

(Holmes) #45

That is exciting!!

One of my biggest goals in life is to design something that thousands of people will see! :smiley:

So, we want to do another color besides purple for the packaging?

(Darrell) #46

independent retailers first as these will help us maintain a closer relationship with our customers.

I’d like to take them to local ComicCons and gaming events to sell (as Roanoke Hobby and Electronics). The retail packaging would be a big boost, but not sure where a small retail operation like mine would fit in. I can get reseller accounts with SparkFun and Adafruit, but that’s an extra step.

(Ross) #47

Yeah! Although purple is the branding color, it’s nice to keep it fresh : )

(Damian Vila) #48

Ok guys, I’m just starting to layout ideas, but since I’m really an iterative designer and really like to get input as early as possible to iterate over that, I wanted to start sharing a few ideas to know what you think about it.

Let’s go with the logo:

My idea was to somewhat mix the current logo with the Gameboy font, because Gameboy is a clear inspiration in this project. For some strange reason, Astroboy popped up as an inspiration too (!)

So, my first exploration of the logo is this:

I started with the Gameboy font, added the angles of the current logo, added a dynamic fin (inspired by Astroboy), slanted by 15º and rounded the corners a bit.

Another idea I’m thinking about is a game icon pattern. Not the most original thing, but I think it may fit the project. That pattern could be used both as a background on the packaging and on the metal back of the Arduboy (etched or silkscreened).
During my daily commute I sketched this:

I’m just starting to draw these, but since I have a few that I can use to start visualizing the idea, I wanted to create something for you to see. So I mocked an image that’s supposed to be a carton with an icon pattern and logo over it (it’s not really balanced yet, sorry about that):

I guess you start to make an idea out of it, right? :blush:

There’s still another element (the Arduboy depiction), missing, but I don’t want to tell much about it until I can try it and see that it works.

I hope you like what you’re seeing so far. Would love to hear your opinions.

(Pharap) #49

As long as the purple is staying to some degree.
Even if there’s never an official purple Arduboy, I still like the purple.
It’s a much underused colour.

(Damian Vila) #50

Ok, this is getting closer to the idea I have in mind. I corrected the logo a bit (chamfered the U and corrected the Y), added the name in Japanese and added a border/shadow.

In original purple and an alternative red:


The red gives a Lego vibe that I’m not quite liking. And I’m not too sure about the shadow. Here’s another try without it:

Tell me what you think.

(Scott) #51

Personally, I don’t think we should be changing the ARDUBOY logo font. The font that is printed on the unit itself matches the one that the library scrolls down on the display on power up, which also matches what’s used on the banner at the top of this forum and on the home page.

Do you want a different logo font on the packaging, or do you expect it to be changed on the unit, in the library and on the web pages to match?

(Damian Vila) #52

Personally, I don’t expect them to change it, if they don’t want to.

This is just a proposal. Nothing more.

And I do it because I wanted to present my idea (I find the current logo a bit generic for my taste). They’re free to tell me “No, we’ll keep the actual one”, and that’s ok with me.

Since this is voluntary, I feel free to propose any idea I may have. I don’t think there should be a problem with that.

Btw: as a designer I’m pretty used to people resisting change. It’s normal and I take no offence in it. :blush:

(Ross) #53

Ha, love it Dmian. It’s is beyond helpful to have a pool of potential assets to choose from, for any sort of user who is working with an Arduboy or the platform. We really have never had a graphic designer touch any of the Arduboy branding, I really enjoy seeing work done around the system! Thanks a ton @Dmian.

And as a developer, I am used to resisting input as well as change, so I get it.

Really great work :100:!

Could I ask how the Japanese was derived? And do you have those characters hanging around so that they can be copied and pasted to this thread?

(Damian Vila) #54

Yes. I took the “Ardu” (アルドゥ) from Arduino, and the “boy” (ボーイ) from Gameboy, to make Arduboy:



(Pharap) #55

I like this background the best:

Wondering what it would look like with the existing logo.
That might work as a nice compromise.

(Scott) #56

I’m glad you didn’t take offence because none was intended. Sticking with the existing font is just my opinion because it’s well established and people are used to it.

After all, you did ask:

(Damian Vila) #57

Yes. No problem. :wink:

I’d love to create something that would make people want to change what they already have.
So if anybody has some opinion in that regard, I’d love to hear it (specially to know if I should go on or stop making suggestions).

(Damian Vila) #58

Here, the two versions for comparison:

(Changed the purple to make it more close to actual purple).

(Ross) #59

Ha, another request, is it possible to provide some asset files for the icons used in the background of the branding you’ve been posting? The sword one would be great in just about any game! It’s a wonderful asset.

They look like your own vectors, maybe they are? How do you feel about people using them in their games if say, the need a sword asset?

Great style!

(Pharap) #60

I think the original font suits it just as well. I don’t like the darker purple though.

I do like the new logo design but I think it would be better suited for something more along the Game Boy Advance level of power. As cool as the arduboy is, we all have to admit it has very limited specs at the moment. (Even the original Gameboy had more than 2 colours.) The last thing I’d want is to give the impression that it’s more powerful than it is (hence I thought the pixel font from earlier would have been more suitable were the font being changed.)

(Pharap) #61

They’re probably too highly detailed to go straight into a game without a lot of shrinkage and data loss.

(Damian Vila) #62

@ekem Yes, I’ve made the icons myself.
As long as people give attribution, I’m ok (I’m very pro Creative Commons).
I’d like to finish the rest of them before making them public, though. Hope you don’t mind the wait.

@Pharap I see what you mean. It’s an interesting point. As counter-argument, I tend to believe that technical constrains don’t make a game less fun. I still think old arcade games like Pac-Man or Galaga are really fun to play. It doesn’t mind how much power Arduboy has, but how fun it is as a platform. I see tremendous potential in it. :wink:
Thanks for your input! It’s really helpful.