Help design packaging for Arduboy!

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@Dmian this is dope! I like the addition of Japanese!! :smiley:

(Pharap) #64

There’s nothing wrong with having limitations, but when you’re advised to avoid allocating dynamic memory, you know you’ve got serious constraints.
Technical constraints might not make games less fun, but they make games less fun to program if you add too many.
Practically all of the modern programming techniques run on the assumption that the computer has at least 1GB of RAM and memory can be allocated as required.

I can live with having 8 bit registers, but having a 2-colour screen is one of the two most limiting factors of the Arduboy. As far as I’m concerned having 4 colours would be a fair compromise since it’s just one more bit per colour but would provide enough extra colour depth (i.e. 2 shades of grey) to make sprites much more satisfactory. If I were suggesting 16 colours or something I could understand people arguing that’s too many, but just 4 seems like a reasonable middle ground.

What I mean by giving the wrong impression though is that people with no experience might buy it as a first step into programming expecting it to achieve Gameboy-level games (since the ‘boy’ part suggests a parallel) and then being disappointed when they realise the specs are closer to the Pokemon Mini. I’m not saying the Arduboy isn’t capable of running good games, I’m just saying whatever clones people make for it will always be lacking features because its specs (in terms of memory, screen depth and screen size) are lower than many of the earliest 8 bit consoles, which people will undoubtedly try to compare it to.
I’ve said it before - you can’t expect a fully featured Pokemon game for the Arduboy, it’s important people are aware of this.

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Yes, that’s a very reasonable point. Thanks.

Diverting the topic a bit: The I2C OLED screen I’ve seen in color (64K) are just 96x64 pixels, and 3 to 4 times more expensive than the B&W ones.
I don’t know if grayscale tones are achievable with monocrome OLED displays like the one in Arduboy (I have one like that at home, and haven’t seen a library that allows it. I used Adafruit’s, but I’m evaluating u8glib and u8g2. None of them mention the possibility).

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I can’t find the sort of 4-colour black, white & grey thing I’m thinking of, but here’s proof you can get colour on an OLED.
From the same company that supplies the Arduboy screen.

Edit: Oh, I found this. It’s close.

Possibly, but it would be fiddly, force the screen to be refreshed regularly and require additional programming support.
In other words it’s a nasty hack, and we in the programming world prefer to avoid hacks and stick to official/supported features.

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A few more icons. I still need a few more of these.

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These would look good in the mock-up that I did, instead of the gala sprites.

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Oh, also! What about stock photos or production photos of Arduboy units? I’ve been searching for some, but do we have any photos like this?

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Mmm, yes and no, I’ve actually got a few units at my place now and am rounding up a friend with DSLR, i’m going to give a shot at creating some source photos for everyone. @bateske may have a few as well, but we have not organized a proper photo shoot, at least not that I am aware of : D


I really like that package, perhaps a qr code on it that links to a page with pics and in depth info about it,

Also on the design with Japanese on it, what reason for Japanese on the packaging? It kinda implies it’s from Japan

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The Arduboy has a decent user base in Japan, and we are hoping to not get trapped in a region for who is considered the “core” Arduboy userbase. This system is for sure a product that is being used around the world, and although English is an easily supportable language, the Japanese character set is part of the universal character set we see in computing… let’s get that into our design!

We don’t want to restrict anything to any language really, it would be great to see every language be incorporated into any aspect of this project, whether in documentation, branding or in the package design - so long as it doesn’t become consfuing.

And It could be amazingly confusing to see multiple languages used in design work, or off putting to some, so that is of course a big consideration.

(Damian Vila) #73

To be honest, I put it there just because I saw that they went to the Maker Fair in Tokyo, and I speak a little Japanese, and thought it would be funny (and because Japanese is visually interesting, and adds a geeky flair to it. Also: the connection with Gameboy.)

I’d love to make versions with other non-latin scripts, but I don’t know much of Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Greek or Hebrew to write the name in a way that makes sense.

(Scott) #74

If you plan to sell retail in Canada, the packaging and any documentation provided will likely have to be in French as well as English.

(Kevin) #75

I told @Celinebins that It would be awesome to have like, ALL languages (or at least 6 of the most common) on there. She looked at me funny and didn’t say anything.

I made shirts for SF Maker Faire 2015 that say “Start to Play” in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, German, and um maybe a couple more. They are pretty awesome.

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What do you all think of “Start to Play” anyways?

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Including ancient greek and things using cuneiform?

In all seriousness:

There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today. However, about 2,000 of those languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers.

So yeah, I think just looking at the legal minimum or what other places use would be a good start. Or perhaps finding some way that you can have a sort of insert thing on the box so that the base box is language neutral and you can simply slap language-specific stickers on it or something.

Ultimately it depends on what the law says, there’s probably a legal minimum amount of description/safety information that varies by country. Your biggest problem will probably come from shipping to the EU because of the sheer variety of languages involved. It’s not uncommon here in Britian to buy something and find the box plastered with about 8 different translations of the same information. Also with instruction booklets, sometimes pages 1-2 are contents, pages 3-4 are in english and the other 20 are all different translations of those two.

(Pharap) #78

I’m not against it, but I think something that gets across the message of what the Arduboy is about would be ideal.

Something along the lines of “Play the games. Make the games.” or “Play. Learn. Create.”. Hopefully those don’t sound cringey. Maybe we’d be better having a slogan competition or something. Does this site even have polls?

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Hi I’m new but I reckon I could be of some great help. Why you might ask well it’s because I spend a lot of time thinking and design stuff in my head such as I work on loom band prototypes and a lot of things like I once worked on a project were a used a 3D program as a designer so I could help

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Anyone can chip in and share their designs! :smiley:

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Sure would luv to but at the moment I can’t but I a couple of days/weeks I will uplaod

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