Help, Erase /Clear Arduboy

Hello everyone,

I need help, how could I completely erase the arduboy? I want to like the factory.

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First you would have to erase all of the EEPROM. You could use this sketch to do it:

Then you would have to load whatever game your Arduboy came pre-installed with. This would probably be Blob Attack or Mystic Balloon.

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Just a note the EEPROM is where the high scores and other information is stored between power down. Save games or things like that.

If you just want the origonal game then the suggestion @MLXXXp is great!

if i do this and reset will the original games be there

also I’m brand new to Arduboy so how would i approach this

were exactly would i put this

See the “From Text on a web page” section of the Adding Programs guide.

yea i forgot to mention that my arduboy broke down the day i got so i emailed you guys to exchange

link broken


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