Help for DIY Arduboy

Hi there,

I am planning of making my own Arduboy, but i do have some questions.
First of all, what bootloader does the Arduboy use? if it is a special one then where can i download it?
And secondly, how is the buzzer wired up? i heard somewhere that if i connected it to pin 13 and ground it would not work with every game, instead i need to wire it to pin 13 and another one. Which pin is that and can i just place the buzzer in between those pins and not have to use any external parts?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The Arduboy currently uses the standard Arduino Leonardo bootloader, but if you’re using a different board, just use whatever bootloader came with it.

For the rest of your questions see and ask any additional questions there:

Okay thanks! :slight_smile:
Also does it matter if i get a Arduino Pro micro or a Arduino micro?
And also will the Arduboy Mate app work on the Arduino (pro) micro?

It’s all answered in the topic I linked. (A Pro micro doesn’t provide all the required pins to be fully compatible. An Arduino Micro does.)

I’ll read the topic and then i’ll go ahead and order parts :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the help!

just to verify, this display and arduino should do it right?

Yes to both. Please take this conversation over to the topic I linked, as I asked.