Help making my first arduboy game

(Heather Rose) #1

I am trying to make a 2d side scroller. I have followed the tutorials in the lessons section and I’ve learned a quite a bit there. My current issue is trying to make a map, or the ground for my game.

I want to start with something Mario-esque. So squares for the ground and obstacles. I tried reading the source code for Squario to help myself out but that code is written so differently from the way the tutorials are written.

If anyone would be willing to help me and have a few back and forth conversations, I’m looking for a teacher/ mentor/ friend to talk to about programming the arduboy.

(Simon) #2

I can help.

Have you looked at the second series of tutorials? This describes a simple sideways scroller modelled of Chrome’s built in game.

I’ll PM you.

(Pharap) #3


Drat, beaten to the punch. :P
Fear not, I shaln’t attempt to nick your student.


A while back I was helping someone else work on a platformer,
so in case it helps, here’s the code for that:

And in particular, here’s the background rendering:

There’s quite a few comments dotted around the code so even if you don’t understand the structure you should be able to get an idea about how the inividual functions work.

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(Simon) #4

You seem to have your hands full with your existing class.

(Pharap) #5

When it comes to programming I always have time to help people.
(And procrastinate from my other projects.)

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