Help Making Pro Micro Arduboy Clone

Hi I want to buy Arduboy.
But is Sold out

So I just decided to make a system compatible with Arduboy.

I have Arduino pro micro and SSD1306 8pin Disk play

But I can not find How to connect so I want to know How to connect or advice

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First, I assume that the Pro Micro clone that you have is a 5V/16MHz version. If it’s a 3.3V/8MHz one, it probably isn’t suitable.

Second, the Pro Micro doesn’t have all the pins available that the Arduboy uses, so you won’t be able to make it fully Arduboy compatible. You would be better to use an Arduino Micro, as I have with my latest home made Arduboy, or an Arduino Leonardo.

If you want to try to use the Pro Micro:

Pins on the Arduboy that the Pro Micro doesn’t have:

  • One of the two speaker wires goes to Arduino pin 13. You can tie the second speaker pin to GND but some sounds may not work properly, and you may hear some sounds when the speaker should be muted. Or, you could just leave off the speaker and not have any sound.
  • The display CS pin goes to Arduino pin 12. The display CS pin can just be tied to GND since there are no other devices on the SPI interface.
  • The green LED in the RGB LED goes to Arduino pin 11. If you don’t want to add an RGB LED then you don’t need pin 11. Otherwise, you could use pin 3 but you would have to customise the library.

So, the best you can do for wiring a Pro Micro as an Arduboy is:


Display Pin Pro Micro Pin
Data 16
Clk 15
DC 4
Rst 6
3v3 (not connected)

Buttons - Tie one pin of each button to GND and the other pin to:

Button Pro Micro Pin
A 7
B 8

Piezo Speaker:

Speaker Wire Pro Micro Pin
1 5

RGB LED - Tie the anode to VCC. The cathode of each LED should go to an appropriate dropping resistor and the other side of the resistor should go to:

Resistor for Color: Pro Micro Pin
Blue 9
Red 10
Green 3 (with custom library)

Thank you very much for your advice.
I am doing very well now. If you connect with the switch later, you will have fun.

Thank you very much.

Just a quick note Arduboy is globally in stock and available for purchase from our distributors:

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Even though I have an Arduboy, I wanted to make a Hackduboy (I even have all the needed components!) because I wanted to add an RTC and, you know, Tamagotchi… :laughing:

But now, I think I’ll buy a SAMD21 board, since it seems that’s what’s going to be used in the next version and it already has RTC…

So, do we need a Samduboy thread now? :smile:

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@MLXXXp is leading the charge!