Help needed improving a skeleton sprite

Help bring this skeleton to life!

I’m making a game featuring a spooky skeleton character. My current sprite looks rather simple.

Can anyone offer advice on how to improve it? I need it to be 8x24 pixels and no animation is needed.

Here is the current sprite, in 1:1 and 4:1 scale, for easier viewing.

Thanks for any input or help! :skull_crossbones:

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Maybe the arms could be broken into two pieces and bent a little? Add some life to the pose the skelington is in? Looks good though! Head looks a bit alien like :alien:

This was kind of a fun excuse to fire up GIMP, so I took a quick stab at it. The version I came up with is a version that may or may not be the right size.

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You could try making the head look more like a skull, and maybe try separating the feet and the hips & hands.

I took a stab at it like @ekem but theirs came out better.

Sorry, not an artist.

If you end up taking @ekem’s, I’d suggest shortening the tibia by one pixel and elongating the skull.


Yours is way more readable as a skeleton, in the 1:1 scale, I think.

I reworked it a bit with your suggestions in mind @wademcgillis. The big head is for sure the way to go when you have these small character… or so it seems. It still seems a little goofy, but oh well : )