HELP (project due tomorrow) with reward

I need people to take my CIVICS/ECON SURVEY.
It’s on computers. I’m sure you will not be too disappointed …
Come on. it’s not as if it will take you 100000 minutes. You’ll be done with it before …
You’ll finish it before the Arduino IDE loads up and detects the Arduboy.
If I get to finish it there are some good stuff for the community (I’ll push out Arduboy editions of newer Asteroids and Box Invaders and raining demonstration, how about that).
I’ll go finish my Math work first.

I filled it out, only took like two minutes.


i know right.
Oh hi Shawn. Your entry is pretty great!
And I saw you … @eried. I like what you had had.
Wasn’t here for a loooooooooong time. Still need to fish around for the arduboy simulator…
But again, I can’t understand why there are only 10% of people that had actually completed the survey when 8 people clicked on it …

I filled it in.

Most of the questions were quite easy,
but I got a bit stuck on how much I’d want something like that to cost.
I’m not used to working with dollars so I had to find a converter.
I really wanted to say £450-£550, though I expect I’m being a bit of a cheapskate again.

Probably because it’s a homework project.
Or the mention of a reward made them assume it was spam.

Maybe you should change the title to something like:
“A short survey for my IT class”
Or maybe add a bit more ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to the first post?

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As promised.
Pgm Note #XXX.pdf