Help swapping games for an Arduboy newbie [Solved]

Looked around and can’t seem to find anyone whose having the issue I am. After a few tutorials I was able to figure out the process of getting games on my ardu boy and got Arduventure on it, but every since that I haven’t managed to get any other games to show up in my sketch book to try out. I feel like i’m doing it the same way as I did originally but with no success now. Considering how much more complicated all of this is than I expected it to be, I’m guessing its probably something simple. Any tips would help. Thanks!

Have you been following this guide?

Yup! Thats the one. I think the part I’m a little confused about is the part about the file name and the .ino having the same name. Does that just mean I should change the name of the zip folder to whatever the name is of the file INSIDE so they match exactly? Because that makes them show up in the sketchbook, but then I always get an error for about arduino board leonardo. Haha I’m feeling a bit in over my head with this stuff.

Basically you need it so the folder the game ends up in has the same name as the .ino.
So a “Arduventure.ino” (and all the other .cpp and .h files that come with it) have to be in a folder named “Arduventure”

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Gotcha! Musta been why that one worked so easily because it just had everything named perfectly already. Any idea about all the leonardo errors? Arduventure seems to be the only game out of a dozen or so I’ve tried without any type of trouble. :confused:

What does the error box say?

Most of them all say this exactly
"Error compiling for board Arduino Leonardo." Most of the walkthrough guides I’d used wanted me to have Leonardo selected. Maybe I’m not supposed to be using that by default? Sorry if this is all obvious stuff haha.

Hrm, not enough info to make a solid guess. Does it highlight a specific line of code? Posting the entire contents of the box may help, it has a copy-paste function if you don’t want to type it out :slight_smile:.

Did you follow the quickstart guide? Trying the boards and library sections may solve it.

@vansaveslives, Have you installed the Arduboy library as described in Step 2 of the Quick Start Guide?

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Thanks to both of you guys, it’s actually helping alot. So I got the issue figured out of how to make them show up in the sketch book. 2nd I had originally done the arduboy library thing before, but I went ahead and did it again, and it looks like I’m not getting the leonardo error anymore. The upload went error free, which is great, but now its not replacing the old game. Any ideas?

The bootloader might be stuck, it does that sometimes on large games, here’s a guide on how to reset the console.

Can’t thank you enough. Nice to know there is a community behind this thing that can answer a dumb guys questions so nicely. Haha didnt even have to wait a half hour. Thanks again!


No problem.

You might be interested in @crait’s neato arduboy manager software, it only has a few games listed, but lets you send games to the console without touching the IDE.

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Oh man, this is fantastic. Thanks for the heads up!

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