Help us translate Arduventure Kickstarter!

(Erwin) #22
  • They actually mean wallet (this is because the form factor of the Arduboy matching the credit card size).

  • Recoge” vs “Recolecta” (what I mean is I do not think “recoge” is more suitable than “recolecta” for neutral spanish)

(Jordi Bayó) #23

Erwin, use your prefered the words.


(Pharap) #24

@Hark0 & @eried
Perhaps ES-LA and ES-ES should have different versions?

(Though I don’t think ES-LA is technically an ISO code. Microsoft uses ES-XL though. Not that any of that’s really relevant…)

I know people here in Britain like EN-UK and get annoyed with adverts that use EN-US spellings (even the younger ones), so I can understand there might be preferences and perhaps even dislike for alternative language versions.

That said, it depends if supporting two variations of Spanish would be viable for Arduboy Inc, they might not have time. Personally I think two versions might be better if it keeps everyone happy and prevents confusion, if there’s the time to make them both.

(Nicolas Mougin) #25

Fixed two mistakes in bold: (French conjugation is hard :wink: )


(Piquesel) #26

Ooops it’s a shame for me because i’m french :slight_smile:

(Kevin) #27

Ok wow more languages than I expected! It’s so amazing to have so many different people and cultures from around the world participating in making and enjoying 8-bit games together!

Thank you all for your help in translating!

The translations are live on the kickstarter video so let me know how they look!

In the next update I’ll be sure to make a shout out to each of you! Thanks again!


classic for german would’ve better be
klassische, meaning classic or traditional…
classic…there IS a word spelled this way, but I think it is not used that often.
Actually if a german is looking at this then he will have no idea what is Zelda: Link Awakening
The rest looks quite good…

(Pharap) #29

As far as I’m aware @Botisaurus is actually Austrian, so his German ought to be pretty good (i.e. native-level).

(Natürlich, mein Deutsch ist nicht so güt, weil ich bin Englisch.)

(Or is it ‘weil bin ich Englisch’? I know there’s some rule with ‘weil’ involving moving something to the end, but I can’t remember because it’s been so long.)

Anyway, according to zelda.gamepedia, the German title is in fact “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”:'s_Awakening#Nomenclature

Lastly, I see klassische tends to be used for things like “Klassische Musik” und “Klassische Physik” (i.e. classical music and classical physics), so I’m willing to bet that it actually parallels the English ‘classical’, which isn’t interchangable with ‘classic’ and wouldn’t be applied to games.

(Boti Kis) #30

Jup :slight_smile:

Should be: “Natürlich. Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, weil ich Engländer bin.”
“Engländer” = A person from England

Pls don’t. :joy:

Wrong, classic is not a german word. my mistake. :joy: @CDR_Xavier is right here.
Correct translation would have been “Arduventure ist ein brand neues aber klassisches 8-Bit Rollenspiel”.

Note that I’m everything but a grammar pro nor a good translator. :wink:

yeah, that’s the normal PAL name for the game.

(Simon) #31

Reminds me of Spın̈al Tap. Umlauts everywhere they shouldn’t be.

(Pharap) #32

Could’ve been worse, it’s been over half a decade.
(And I only got a C. I didn’t want to do German but the teacher wouldn’t believe I wasn’t very good at it.)

As for the misplaced umlaut, I blame my stomach:


I guess really not. It would have avoided confusion, yes. But I think it is more of … like I know that british would get annoyed if they are looking at EN-US and vice versa with EN-EN / UK. But you never have EN-AU or Singapore variants.
I think of the “ford” and “General Motor” case of Autstrilia in cases like this. People either buy ford cars or GM cars. “GM guys” will call people who buy ford “Ford guy” and sometimes they look down on them, vise versa.
It would be great to have them, but I guess it wouldn’t be necessary for now. (we aren’t really official translators anyway)

(Scott R) #34

It really is annoying when native English is not an available language option especially when we butcher the language so well ourselves.

On the other hand I prefer Australian for my satnav “ya av reached ya destination, windows up n don’t let the seagulls steal ya chips”.

(Pharap) #35

The version of Minesweeper I was working on was due to have an EN-AU option. It would have been exactly the same as EN-UK, but I thought I’d include it anyway. I would also have considered EN-NZ and EN-CA.

Innit blud? Das well bad man.

The sad thing is you don’t even need to go to the seaside to have seagulls steal your chips, they’re gradually moving inland.