Help With Building Arduboy/Devkit Clone (Blackstripe)

All of the items you have selected will work except maybe the battery holder.

You have chosen a 5V 16MHz Arduino Pro Micro. I originally used a 3.3V 8MHz one but I have now switched to a 5V 16MHz Arduino/Genuino Micro. If you can afford the extra cost and size, I would recommend doing this. This will give you all the I/O pins, a reset switch, and a 3.3V supply which you may need for the display.

This is where I got mine:

The OLED display you have selected would probably work but it doesn’t have a Reset (RST) signal. I don’t think this would be a problem, but if you want to be safe you may want to get one with RST and also CS. The one I bought has RST but is missing CS. You want to be sure that the one you get has an SSD1306 controller, not a SH1106 controller.

One thing I’ve found with many OLED displays sold on ebay is that they claim to be 5V compatible but really are not. They have an on board 3.3V regulator but the signal lines just use resistors to protect them, which is not safe. This is why I used a level converter module when I switched to a 5V system. You might want to buy a level converter just to be safe.

If I needed to buy a display today, I would consider this one (but I haven’t bought anything from this seller before). They say it is 5V compatible but from the photos I don’t think it is, so to be safe, I would use level shifters.

If you want to get a level converter module, this is the one I got:

Any normally open push button switch will work. You might want to make sure they can be plugged into a breadboard. The ones I bought won’t plug directly into a breadboard.
Here’s an ebay search:

The piezo speaker you selected should work fine. The one I’m using is:

The battery holder you picked is only for 3 cells. With regular non-rechargable batteries, this will provide 4.5V average, which would probably work. If you want to use rechargable batteries, you might want to use 4 cells, for 5V average. The one I used is no longer being sold by the seller I bought from, but it’s the same as this one:

The breadboard you chose only has a single power rail on each side, instead of the more usual two, but it would work. This is the one I used (it doesn’t include jumper leads):

Thank You for your big reply.
Now, i am back from work and have looking on german amazon.

I found this parts - this are ok too?



Board for the Buttons


Batterie Holder for 4xAA





So, i hope i have think on all.
Yes, i know its not the best price for all components, but thats not the point. I think (and hope) all this things are work together.

I see on the last photo 3 orange parts. I need this sure too? - Whats this? How its the Name of the part?

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The display you have chosen has only an IIC interface. It will not work. You need one with a SPI interface.

The switches will work but I can’t tell if they will plug directly into the breadboard. If they will then you may not need the circuit boards.

Everything else is fine.

They are 100nF ceramic capacitors across the power supplies for decoupling/bypassing. I found that I needed one on the 3.3V supply close to the level shifter. The other two are on the 5V supply but aren’t really needed.
An example:

good - i understand and have found this one

and this

The display has a SH1106 controller. It will not work (without modifications to the Arduboy library).

The capacitors are 10nF which may be enough but 100nF or more would be better.

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No Problem, here with 100nF^^

The Display are a hard nut…
Here with SPI AND SSD1306
I hope thats it


Those capacitors are good.

The display is missing the RST line but it will probably work unless the Arduboy library is changed in the future to control RST, for some reason.

You never know…
So, i try it with the components that we choose - Thanks.
I sign when all parts have arrived - then we’ll see if it works^^

Last night I ordere the last parts of the project - now the DEV - Kit (for all?) is available . The life is not fair! - But I maintain - and I hope it bridges the time until the appearance of genuine Arduboy . In addition to the parts to buy now the DEV kit would be absolutely superfluous. The Life is a Bitch…

The advantage building one from the parts you ordered is that you will be able to wire it the same as a production Arduboy.

Differences from the Dev Kit will be:

  • The buttons will be on different pins and one (A or B) will be on a standard Arduino interrupt.
  • The speaker will be across two pins to allow mixing two signals, and the pins will be PWM capable to allow complex sounds and music.
  • There will be an RGB LED which will be able to display many colours and brightnesses because it will be on PWM pins.

If sketches are written to use any of these new features, a Dev Kit won’t be able to take advantage of them.

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Well, you are right, i dont think on it
on the first step… one more question - Let’s assume I have everything put together correctly and then connect it via USB to the PC - I have surely some sort Arduboy play system software or ? What and how exactly do I do that then ?

The Dev Kit doesn’t have any Arduboy specific firmware. It just uses a standard Arduino bootloader.

I would first wire your components the same as a Dev Kit and get it working properly. Once the libraries have been updated to support the production Arduboy, you can re-wire it to match, if you like.

The Arduino that you use will come with a standard bootloader installed, which will allow you to load any sketches written for the Dev Kit, using USB. You will use your system exactly the same as a Dev Kit. Start with the instructions found in the Getting Started topic.

The only difference is that when you select the board type in the IDE you should select the actual type of Arduino board that you are using. You will select Arduino Micro (if that is what you are using) instead of Arduino Leonardo that is used for the Dev Kit.

Just note that you should make sure that the unit is powered off and not running on batteries whenever you connect it to the PC with the USB cable.

Nachdem sich im letzten Post einige über meine sprachliche Probleme lustig gemacht haben, poste ich nun in meiner Muttersprache und Ihr könnt selber sehen wie Ihr damit klar kommt.

Die ersten Bauteile sind schon eingetroffen, der Bildschirm ist wirklich winzig, den habe ich mir größer vorgestellt.
Bin gespannt ob auch alles so funktioniert wie es soll, da man auf den Fotos leider nicht die komplette Verdrahtung erkennen kann, da muss ich mich wohl durchwurschteln.

Wenn ich richtig gelesen habe wird der richtige Arduboy erst im April 2016 ausgeliefert, ich hoffe die Begeisterung hält solange. Für mich wird dieser Prototyp fürs erste reichen - das ganze Ding ist eh so klein das ich hoffe das ich davon kein Kopfweh bekomme. Wahrscheinlich ist der Arduboy wenn er rauskommt sowieso nicht mehr interessant. Das ganze Ding ist von seiner Art her genauso “fertig” wie der Gamebuino. Dafür gibt es auch nichts neues mehr. Sobald das Projekt fertig war, endete auch die Begeisterung für das Ding.

Ich bin und war nie der große “Programmier-Typ” Für mich zählen also die fertigen Sachen.
Mystic Castle wird eh nie erscheinen - wenn sich niemand findet der es macht. Es mag einfach sein umzusetzen, aber für mich ist es - egal wie einfach es für andere ist - ein Buch mit 7 Siegeln, ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit.

Ich bin Kaufmann - wenn ich nach Hause komme hab ich nicht die Zeit und den Nerv mich monatelang einzuarbeiten um ein Manschgerl auf einem winzigen Bildschirm zum hüpfen zu bringen. Dafür ist mir meine Zeit dann doch zu schade.

A translated summary for you:
In the last posts someone made fun of him because of his flaws in speaking english.
He got the first few components and he thinks, the screen is really tiny. Since Arduboy will be released in April 2016, he is not sure if all the people are going to support Arduboy until then. Similar to Gamebuino he thinks there won’t be too many new things once the enthusiasm has faded away.
He does not want to code, so he would like to have finished games. He works as a merchant/business man (comment by me: which is a demanding job.) and does not want to learn for months until he can deliver a game. Even if this might be easy, it is too complicated for him. He really hopes someone wants to create Mystic Castle.
And again: The tiny screen is too small in his opinion.

My answer:
I believe, this was never meant to be a gaming platform for pure gamers. Opensource handhelds need programmers who invest their own time in this and Arduboy is meant for people, who have fun at coding. At the moment there are not that many new things and games because most people don’t have a device. I might take a look into this game once I finished my two ideas but I need to wait for my developerkit which I ordered a few days ago.

Meine Antwort:
Ich denke nicht, dass Arduboy als Spieleplattform für Gamer gedacht war. Solche offene Handhelds sind auf Programmierer angewiesen, die ihre Freizeit investieren und Arduboy war als solches Gerät für Personen gedacht, die Spaß am Basteln und Programmieren haben. Aktuell gibt es auch nicht allzu viel Neues, da die meisten auf ihre Geräte warten. Ich selbst wollte mir auch mal Mystic Castle mal anschauen, sobald ich meine zwei Ideen umgesetzt habe, aber ich muss auf mein Developerkit noch warten, das ich erst vor wenigen Tagen bestellt habe.


Thanks for translating this. I hope users who join up to the forum understand that although English is used by the majority here, it’s probably not the primary language for a lot of the posters. Many users here are bilingual and are really being kind of nice by posting in English : ) To anyone who actively posts: please don’t dissuade users from posting by critiquing their posts in a negative manner (I haven’t seen a bad user yet). If the ideas in a post aren’t clear because of language, ask a question that can help clarify it for everyone.

One of the more wonderful things about Arduboy and Arduino is people from around the world are interested in them, and although c/c++ may translate fairly easily across borders, sometimes our written language doesn’t. When you read other’s posts, be patient and be understanding of the fact that it’s a big world.

I for one am excited for a world where forums commonly have both latin and non latin based character sets.

I’ll just point out that if @Blackstripe got the OLED display that he most recently asked about, then it has a 0.96 inch screen. The production Arduboy will have a 1.3 inch screen, so will be a bit bigger (with the same 128 by 64 pixel resolution).

Please feel free to ask me for assistance if you have any trouble. I have been able to understand your English quite well.

Here is a photo of my current breadboard with the Arduino Micro, level shifter and display removed.

@Blackstripe, note that if you got the display that you last asked about, then you will have to wire it differently than mine. Mine has a RST pin which is controlled by Arduino pin 12 (the blue wire). You would have a CS pin which is controlled by Arduino pin 6. Also, VCC and GND are in reversed positions.

Thank you for your help. Yes, indeed, i have buy the Display that i mean.
When all parts are here, i will try it and see.
I will read the complete thread - we will see.
Sorry for my reason, but thats not my Day and i am a litte bit angry, not your fault.
Looks very good and I am looking forward to assemble it^^

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So now - i will be build the Board on Weekend - the Arduino micro are coming today, and i am testing - i have connected on PC, Arduino 1.6.5 are installed - the Board are connected and works fine - have testet with Basic - Blink. Are works. For testing ill be think i will be installed the mega man scrolling Demo - have downloaded the Files, open in Arduino, but i have the Error "fatal error: arduboy.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. How make i wrong? Have File-open-and doubleklick to Mega-Man-Scrolling-Demo. Sorry for the stupid question

I have include the Arduboy.h in include library zip file (Arduboy master)
Try again and he say fatal error: EEPROM.h: No such file or directory maybe i make wrong anything… hm…

ok - i am a litte bit forward, but…
Arduino: 1.6.5 (Windows 8.1), Platine: “Arduino/Genuino Micro”

Mega-Man-Scrolling-Demo.ino:28:21: fatal error: bitmaps.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
Fehler beim Kompilieren.

You want to install the full library. It sounds like only a few of the library files are being included in the sketch.

###Library Troublshooting
Have you already installed the Arduboy Library in the Arduino IDE?


  1. Follow this guide from Arduino, and read the section: Importing a .zip Library
  2. Install this zip as the library ( )


  1. Reinstall the Arduboy library following the Arduino guide, or using the thread below

See this thread for specific instructions

After installing the libs, consult the game author’s documentation. They may have you override the library source with their own, which is why only a few *.h or *.cpp files from the official library are being found in their repository.