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So I have set up my pro micro on my breadboard with the screen and 6 buttons. It looks like the screen works cause the Arduboy logo screen comes up but then it just loops and doesn’t go into the game. Am I missing some component that is required to get past that screen?

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We’re going to need some more information about your setup.
Could you post a picture of your setup?
And are you using the official Arduboy2 library or @Mr.Blinky’s Arduboy2 fork for clones?

What sketch are you trying to run? Could be getting stuck at waitNoButtons() if the sketch uses begin()

You could try changing begin() to boot()

Might be that your button wiring is off? This would help determine if buttons are the cause…

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How are you powering your setup? When using weak batteries the power supply can shortly drop too much
and trigger the MCUs brownout detection which cause a looping reset.

If so. you can try fresh batteries or power through USB to see if the looping stops.

So looks like it was a mix of Problems.

  • Bad USB cable didn’t like to build to the arduino.
  • My game that worked on the emulator had a problem in the render update which cause it to crash and loop.
  • It seems the game loader didnt upload the games I got online and was still playing my broken game. after building the source of those game I was able to find the problem.