Help with first game

(porter) #1

hi I’m trying to build my first game and I need sone tips on how to put it together

(Holmes) #2

Sure, but can you be more specific? Do you already knoe how to program? Do you already have some code done? Did you happen to check out the programming tutorials?

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #3

Yes, you can begin by reading these very good tutorials: Make Your Own Arduboy Game: Part 1 - Setting Up Your Computer

(porter) #4

Not yet no, I did try out some graphic converters though but couldn’t get them to work :frowning:

(Pharap) #5

What is your goal?

  • Do you just want to program a simple Arduboy game?
  • Do you want to learn C++ as a whole so you can apply it to desktop games too?
  • Do you have a game in mind?