Help with first-time Arduboy configuration

This is my first time configuring my Arduboy when I came across an issue I am having. For some reason, I cannot select a ‘Port’ in the Arduboy IDE program. I selected "Arduino Leonardo’ as the board, but the port is ‘greyed out’ and I have no options to choose one. Also, what I think is related to this is that on, it also says ‘no port detected’. Please let me know if you can help me to understand this situation in any way. Thank you!

What OS are you using? Is you Arduboy on when plugged in? Did you try a different cable (just to be sure)?

Is the unit on? Not a joke or being mean, this happens all the time. The unit does need to be on to be recognized by the computer. Also try a few different usb cables, you will need one that transmits data. These are the most common resolutions to first time problems.

Yeah Port won’t be selectable unless something is plugged in that it can recognise. If the Arduboy is switched on and plugged in, try using a different USB cable, some cables are wired up differently than others.

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My computer seems to recognize the device, however I do not seem to have installed the device driver software labelled “Arduino Leonardo”. I will include an image that describes my issue. Thanks!

At this point, @dtran99, everything should be ready to go.

Windows doesn’t need to know anything about the Arduboy for the IDE to use it, it just needs to have enough information to open a COM port to it. Try loading up a game from or loading up an example from the Library. Make sure you step through the Kickstarter Quickstart Guide, as well. The quick start guide has proven to be fairly good at making sure you are all set up.

Also, Windows 10 :fire:

Ah I see. The problem fixed itself after I found another cable, so everything works fine now. Thank you for your help!

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It’s always suprising how well a broken cable will work for most things. When it comes to transmitting data that needs to transmitted without decay at a certain rate, a little kinked wire in a USB cablee really does odd things.

When in doubt, try a different Micro-USB cable. If you haven’t bought a USB cable in 6 months, its probably time for a new one.

Here’s a pretty good deal for a hight quality cable.
3ft USB 2.0 A Male to Micro 5pin Male 28/24AWG Cable w/ Ferrite Core (Gold Plated)