Help with homemade arduboy schematic

I’m assuming you’ve tried shaking it already?

What is the problem, you aren’t able to program the 32u4 any more?

I tried asking him very gently to start working again but he didn’t reply…

Basically it seems like the bootloader has completely vanished, the oled panel doesn’t work, the red led of the rgb led is on, the rx led is on and for some reason, if I press the reset button the red led gets brighter. I’m supplying 3.3v via the icsp header so the bms circuit can be excluded from the culprits of this malfunctioning. Also, I tried to load and start a game by pressing the buttons but I don’t hear anything from the buzzer

Sounds like you’ve got a short somewhere.

Test resistance between ground and power when it is off, do you get anything?

Hm, it seems to be working now, I’ve got the bootloader screen. I’ve turned it on about 5 minutes ago though, it took a very long time to boot up. I’ve measured the resistance anyway and it says OL, I’ve checked the manual of my multimeter and it says that the maximum resistance it can measure is 20 Megaohms

A very uneducated and probably stupid guess, but basically I plugged my Arduino in my pc and the rx and tx leds kept blinking and it wasn’t working, kind of the same thing that happened with my homemade arduboy. So I remembered that not long before, I had removed an usb drive without ejecting it properly after loading a file from Cura and I still had it opened, so I closed the program and the Arduino started working properly again, so maybe the program was still trying to communicate via the usb port and was messing up every device connected to that usb port?
Well, now the arduboy seems to be working properly again, thanks for your help anyway

Dunno sounds weird, glad it’s working!

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