Help with homemade arduboy

Hi, I’m new to the community and have been having a great time tinkering around with my device. I found Mr.Blinky’s python utilities and have been trying to upload hex files with the edited python script for the ssd1309. The screen is still slightly off position and I’m just wondering if there’s something I can do to alleviate this issue further? most things are playable in this state but it’s just a little wonky. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated and I’m excited to join this community!

You have to use games that are modified for that display.

I thought that’s what the python script by Mr.Blinky did? I edited the uploader to “” it definitely adjusts the screen to fit better then if I just take the raw hex and try to upload it to the board.

Hmm, sounds like it’s not working quite right. I think someone else had a similar problem recently. I hereby summon @Mr.Blinky

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The python script will work correctly if your homemade Arduboy is wired exactly like Arduboy but only uses an SSD1309 display.

If your homemade Arduboy uses a different wiring scheme then you’ll need to recompile the game using the Arduino IDE with the homemade package installed and the correct settings selected for your homemade Arduboy.


So how would I recompile hex files with the IDE? i have no problem with ino files and getting them to the exact specs on the IDE but it won’t take Hex files and from what I understand de-compiling hex is kind of a nightmare for someone who doesn’t know assembly. Thank you for reaching out and helping btw it’s greatly appreciated.

Correct, you can’t recompile the hex you’ll have to use the source code that is often found on the games page on the community.

It might be easier to rewire your device so that matches the pinout correctly to use the files that the python script can generate.

Otherwise you’ll have to do this for every game you want to play.

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Thank you so much. I figured messing with the hex was out of the question. I guess it’s back to the soldering board for me. thank you guys for your help I really appreciate it!