Help with Japanese Translations

Help Wanted with Japanese Translations

So I think the spanish might be close.

Obviously I’m using google translate for the japanese. I’m sort of curious how off base it is, this might be something @akkera102 can help with… at least let me know if it’s close : ).

For a sweet badge on the forum, maybe say something more intelligible about that being the official twitter :smiley:.

umm… i think twitter message(sentence) is broken.

@fum1h1ro @arduboyを採取しました、および@bateskecom です Kevin Bates。

japanese -> english
fum1h1ro arduboy was harvesting. as well as bateskecom. Kevin Bates.

i see fum1h1ro of twitter log.
he understand about arduboy mail.

  1. he saw kickstater page and comments.
  2. high number(6713, 2121, 3008) backer received Arduboy.
  3. suddenly Some of the backer received Arduboy. but they dont recived tracking information.
  4. he dont get arduboy (live in Japan). but he feel near.
  5. his job is a game programmer. And arrive early, he might be willing to make a game. :wink:

if ekem say him, pls ekem use english word.
probably fum1h1ro will understand your message.


Thanks for the input. I gave it a shot anyhow.

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I know how you feel I don’t have a clue either

We sort of have an opening for a Japanese translator / Japanese person to be our rep in the country. We visited in the summer, and it was really hot! We had a great time visited many places, and we want to come back!