Help with Lite Flash cart (Pro Micro)

Hi. So recently I’ve been working on a new Arduboy clone which uses a 5V Pro Micro (alternate wiring using @Mr.Blinky 's homemade package). I want to add a flashcart because I think it would be really nice and it gets repetitive when I have to upload code whenever I want a new game. I’m following the “Lite” version and I have a few questions. In the schematic, near the top left, it has what I think is a capacitor symbol, a 100nf one. Will these capacitors work? Also, do I need to use a 3.3v regulator? It doesn’t show in @Mr.Blinky 's Lite schematic but since the other versions need it, do I need to add it as well? Thank you!

Yes they are fine

For the lite version you should not use a 3.3V regulator. The flash chip is powered by the Pro Micros Vcc. Test’s have proven that W25Qxxx flash chips seems to work fine at 5V.


That is such amazing news! :grin: Thank you so much for the information.

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