Help with making first clone?

Didn’t think of stripping the pins from their retainer. Good idea. In addition to that I would recommend using a spacer at the screwhole close to the bent pins to reduce stress on the bent pins.


Awesome, thanks! Will do some more planning here and update

I’ve bent header pins on a number of projects using needle nose pliers with good results, although I admit this isn’t ideal. Here’s a joystick module that I modified to simplify wiring.

Alright, I removed the plastic spacer and bent the pins like @MLXXXp mentioned, and it actually fits pretty well, but as someone mentioned above (sorry, forgot who), Ill probably need some double sided perfboard, as the Leonardo needs to face one way but the buttons need to face the other, and i only have copper pads to work with on one side.

Unless anyone can suggest a workaround so I can solder on the other side? I figured there probably isn’t one, as even if the pin came out that side and was covered in solder it doesn’t seem like there’d be enough contact

Sneaky edit after thread closure… Thanks a lot to everyone for the help!

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