Help with uploading code in Arduboy clone

Hello everybody! I bought this chinese arduboy clone but I’m having too much trouble uploading new code, it came preloaded with pacman, and it was working fine, but I tried uploading a different game and this happened, now I cant make it change, hope you can help me, thanks!

Wow … that’s really, mm what’s the word I’m looking for? Crap.

Can you compile and upload the simple ‘Hello World’ example?

Do you know what screen this includes? The Arduboy uses a SSD1306 but yours might be different.


For the record, whoever made this is breaking copyright laws.

Making an Arduboy clone isn’t an issue because the spec/hardware is open source,
but using the Arduboy trademark is copyright infringement.

I wonder what the Chinese is for “cease and desist”.

Also @filmote’s advice is good advice.

Providing a photo of the circuit inside would really help,
it might just be the wrong kind of screen,
in which case there may be a solution.

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Try compiling for SH1106 oled using @Mr.Blinky’s Board package

When this happened I was uploading “Hello World”. I just found out there was a problem when installing the arduboy libraries, could that have been the cause of the crash?

What sort of ‘problem’?


Good luck with that. And that does not translate to ‘cease and desist’

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Sorry if my english is not very good, I kinda write english with spanish grammar.

Well, when installing the libraries in my Arduino IDE, several times the program said the libraries could not install properly, I had to try a few times before installing them correctly, I just reinstalled them to check if that was the problem, but still nothing.

I will open in now to check what screen it has, because I couldn’t it find in the product information.

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So, I opened the arduboy and this is the screen:

I cannot know myself what kind of screen in has, it does not say anything about the driver, but in the instructions in chinese it said you just need to download the drivers, plug it and upload games, so I don’t know what could it be, I’m doing something wrong


and this is the PCB:

@Pharap @filmote

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Offtopic but may i ask where you got it? I kinda like it.

The CPU is definitely correct.
I can’t see what the screen is from that image though.

I think I’ve found the source of the project:

When you said you bought it,
I was expecting one of those big companies that likes to sell fake things,
but this looks more like a hobby project.

The .pdf file doesn’t seem to specify which screen it uses.
In the .rar they seem to include their own UI for avrdude.

Very strange.

@Botisaurus Google-fu powers go:


@nikkithecat did you try this if it’s not a SSD1306 it’s like 99% a SH1106

Really? You talking about COPYRIGHT? In CHINA?

It’s like, even if you pull him out onto the court(and there is no court) because it is expensive.
I bet he ain’t making a lot of money, though…
That ain’t real arduboy logo, after all.
I might just buy one of those kits to make my homemade arduboy instead of fussing around things…
Pro Micro? bye Bye.

Its not the logo or font at issue, its the use of the name and URL.

I still want to get one of these as the header pin at the bottom suggests all sorts of capability.


As far as I’m aware, it’s the name “Arduboy” that’s trademarked, not the logo.

When it comes to China, it seems it’s the enforcement of the law that’s the issue rather than the meaning of the law.
(Some interesting stuff here and some very boring stuff here.)

Either way, I’m not here to debate the copyright law,
I’m here to see if we can get it working.

@filmote the yuan and yen symbols being the same always confuses me.
It’s one of the nicer currency symbols though.

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I think I saw this one on TaoBao a while ago. Nice to see someone here purchased it and share some detals.
I think it’s probably a SH1106 display because that type is currently the cheapest 1.3" OLED display available.

Because a Pro Micro is used the display could not be wired according to the original Arduboy design and they had to pick alternative pins to drive the display.I believe it’s the alternate pin assignment that is the problem.

There doesn’t appear to be any technical info in the github @Pharap linked to but they did supply a bunch of hex files. I’ll see if I can get the wiring from reversing one of them.


You should see the ones made by @NyKO they are :heart:

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Oh I have … they are great too but a little thicker.

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