Helpless noob just starting out

Just got mine yesterday and turned it on today to check it out. Checked to make sure it had the most current update installed. Not at all knowledgeable about coding. The FAQ doesn’t have a section for the clueless. I dowloaded a file for a game I’d like to try, but unsure how to switch it out for the pre-installed one. I downloaded codebender thinking I could transfer the game, but I’m clearly missing something. Since I’m not looking to get into coding games at the moment, how do I simply take existing games and put them on my Arduboy?

I don’t know what you mean by “downloaded codebender”. codebender is it’s own web based development environment. You upload games to your Arduboy directly from the codebender web site using your browser. To get started, follow their instrucrtions.

I you want to download games to your computer and then upload them into your Arduboy, you need to install and use the Arduino IDE. Follow the Arduboy Quick Start Guide for instructions.

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I accidentally left it on all night and now when turn it off and back on after plugging it in to charge i won’t turn on, does it need a bit of time to fully re-charge?