Hendra's Arduboy Clone

Hello guys, I’m kinda new here. I always want to own an arduboy since it was release on kickstarter, but it’s a bit expensive for me. Then I saw this thread which give me a lot of hope that I can build my own arduboy, so after two days of breadboarding, tinkering, and soldering. I came up with this:


all the component has been laying around on my desk which are the remain components from other project and I can build the arduboy at the very minimum cost.

I can’t thank you enough for the people in this thread and also @bateske for making this awesome device open source



an update of my arduboy version. I make sandwich like build for the battery. I use a 3.7v 1000mAh lipo battery and wemos battery shield for power management and this build run for days on a full charge. I also solder the speaker to two pins and tweak the library so the sound wouldn’t be anymore problem but sometimes it gets too loud and perhaps a resistor will help reduce the sound


I’m still waiting for my diy arduboy pcb to arrive, I’m gonna share my experience to answer this question when the pcb’s arrive

In the mean time this is the pcb that I modify from one of the member of this forum

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@CDR_Xavier I was planning making an arduboy shield pcb for the arduino leonardo, but since my leonardo was borrowed by one of my student and it never came back, I postpone the project. But since you requested, I might get into that in near time.

As for the board I am using easyeda pcb editor, it is a pretty basic tool for making PCB on a browser. You can use my design and have them order to a pcb service like PCBWAY, JLCPCB, or OSHPark and print the PCB on your own by just uploading the gerber file

send me an email at h.kusumah87@gmail.com and I will send the file to you if you want

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okay than.

I will update my next arduboy project here for sure

ok so here are a simple desain to make a shield for arduino leonardo that I make so far @CDR_Xavier @CatDadJynx

the tracks:


My pcb just arrive today, and the quality is fine for $5 per 10 pcs. This is my first time making a pcb, and arduboy is a great starting project for me