[Hero of coming 3] - Made in 30 hours in Kuso Game Jam Taiwan


A simple Adventure game.
This is our first try in game jam.

By the way, you can play other games in the “Kuso Game Jam” !

Did you made the game also for Scirra Construct2?

yes. I use construct 3 to make the game with the same graphics.

No kidding!! Wow, thank you for representing the Arduboy at a game Jam! How do we get more Arduboy to Taiwan? :slight_smile:

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I hope ‘Kuso’ means something different in Taiwwanese than it does in Japanese, otherwise that’s a very rude title for a game jam :P.

Mandarin Chinese is spoken in Taiwan and doesn’t mean anything in specific as far as I know.

Oh dear… It seems I was right.

The game jam main page states “Kuso: The word from Japanese.” and goes on to explain the meaning.

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Asian Fusion isn’t just a new age food group I guess

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(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


Wow! That’s a big question!
Actually there are many Arduno developer communities in Taiwan.
For now I just brought my Arduboy to every game jams I joined.
Most jammers are curious and interested in Arduboy.

Yeah, you are right. But in Japan the word “Kuso” had evolved to some different meaning.
When they say “kuso game”, it means the game is very strange, or too bad to make you laugh.
I think it is some kind of cult.