HEX2BIN GAME (simple game)

Hello, My name is Taniguchi Kotaro.
HEX2BIN GAME is a simple game that measures the time to enter a binary number equal to the displayed hexadecimal number.
Remembering binary numbers is something useful.
Recommended for beginners embedded programmers.



Something like a de-coder.

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Just try your game this afternoon Taniguchi-san. As a teacher who teach basic computer , this game is a great tool for my students to memorize hexadecimal and binary.

But I Bump to some problem, I was uploading this to my DIY Arduboy but there is no sound coming out from the game. I’ve already soldered my buzzer to Pin_speaker_1 and Pin_Speaker_2 but still no sound.

Thank you for sharing this Taniguchi-san.


It looks like your DIY Arduboy uses a SparkFun Pro Micro. If so, what pins did you use for the speaker? You may have to tweak the ArduboyPlaytune library to work with the speaker pins that you’ve used.


Which part should I change?
I use Pin 2 and Pin 5 on the Pro Micro for the buzzer

I’ve already change the Pin Speaker in the Arduboycore.h library into this

#define PIN_SPEAKER_1 5 /< The pin number of the first lead of the speaker */
#define PIN_SPEAKER_2 2 /< The pin number of the second lead of the speaker */

I also already try using the PlayTune example for both channel and both work the same


This game doesn’t properly use the audio subclass to control muting. Perhaps your Arduboy has sound muted in EEPROM. Try turning sound on:

  • Hold the B button while powering up.
  • While still holding the B button, press the UP button for a second or so.
  • Release both buttons.


Reading hexadecimal and binary are excellent skills for a programmer to have.

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Wow, It works. Thanks a bunch Scott. :slight_smile:


I’ve created a pull request with changes to properly control sound muting, using the Arduboy2 audio subclass.


Thank you for fixing the program!:grinning:

Does resetting the EEPROM (change all program-accessible bytes to 0xff) change the sound?

The first 16 bytes of EEPROM (anything before the defined value EEPROM_STORAGE_SPACE_START) are reserved for system use by the library. If you reset them (specifically location EEPROM_AUDIO_ON_OFF) then yes, sound will be enabled if it was previously muted.

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