Hey I thought I'd introduce myself and start a topic - what projects are you all working on?


I thought about buying a handheld game console, I also thought about making robots. When I saw the Arduboy and read about it I decided I want this.

I’m an OK programmer but I need to improve my pixel art skills, and I’ve often read that working with low resolution with a very limited palette is a good way to do it. With a 128x64 resolution and 2 colors the Arduboy fits those restrictions. I’m gonna make a top down adventure/hack-and-slash (shout out to Ardynia, fun game)

What projects are you all working on/planning on working on (Arduboy or other)?

(Pharap) #2

The short answer is “too many” :P

(Matt) #3

Welcome to the community. You reported the Ardynia bug on reddit, did the new version fix the issue?

I am toying with the idea of an Animal Crossing style game as my next project. But right now not working specifically on anything for Arduboy.


I second that :sweat_smile:


Hello Sam! I’m here for build stuff! I’m on my way to make a tiny, really tiny, arduboy, after that a gamebuino in a nes controller (not related to forum but really similar) and maybe make a game.

For make it short i chose to make a DIY arduboy for improbe my soldering and electric schematics skill.

Sorry for poor english (another thing to improve), i’m a pizza pasta boy.


Yes it did! Unfortunately I couldn’t check with my old save so I simply started a new game, but turning off and on the Arduboy didn’t make me stuck.

I beat the game, it was good fun

I’m not sure how to reply to multiple people at once so I’ll do many replies


I saw a post about the fixed point variable type thing you made. I’ll probably use that eventually, it’s pretty cool. For a lot of things it sounds better than a float

(Chamekan) #8

My WIP projects:

Capcom 1942 like game

SHARPSCII editor (like PETSCII but SHARP MZ-80)

Experiment of walls (with many bugs)

(Chamekan) #9

Loderunner + Bomber man (Graphics only)

(Simon) #10

I love 1942 and 1943. I really like your the ‘triple up’ feature in your version. I might need to retrofit that to my version.

(Pharap) #11

It varies depending on what size you use, and which operations you use,
but the smaller types (SQ7x8 and UQ8x8) tend to be miles better than float,
and usually that’s all you need for stuff like screen coordinates and stat counters.
For the larger types, addition and subtraction tends to perform much better,
but multiplication and division starts to fall behind compared to float.
(That’s because the Arduboy’s AVR chip is an 8-bit processor.
On ARM chips like the one in the Pokitto this isn’t an issue.)

The most important thing for me was to make it easy to use.
I’ve seen some other fixed point libraries and most of them require typing complex function names to do basic arithmetic, e.g. fixed8x8Add(makeFixed8x8(1, 128), makeFixed8x8(1, 128))
The equivalent code using my library: UQ8x8(0.5) + UQ8x8(0.5)

(Simon) #12

Welcome aboard Sam …

I can vouch for @pharap’s fixed point library. It is really easy to use and the memory savings can be fantastic. As he mentioned, using small floats - like the SQ7x8 and UQ8x8 - are often big enough for most purposes and they are much more efficient than a single float.

I am currently working on a BlackJack game with graphics by @vampirics. It will play a ‘unified’ version of the various BlackJack games from different casinos around the world. It wall allow splits, double up and insurance on a dealer blackjack and so forth.

(Shawn) #13

Designing a sub counter/clock for some electromechanical 7 segment displays I got for free. Boards, parts ordered and firmware written, just waiting to receive everything and assemble/test. The sound these display make when they flip is so satisfying.

(Simon) #14

Has anyone ever stolen your pocket knife?

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I’m fighting the urge to post a Paul Hogan meme.

(Simon) #16

That’s not a knife …



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Nope, I just use it to open packages and cut wires and stuff on my youtube channel so I thought a little branding was in order.

(Pharap) #19

Protip: get a logo. :P

(Shawn) #20

Designed a logo which I use on my pcbs, but I print my labels on a text only thermal label maker so unless I gut the controller/write custom firmware I cant use it to print my logo.