Hi all, i just present me

Hi all, i present me as i don’t write alot on the forum.
I would just say that i don’t have an Arduboy as i have already a Makerbuino and 2 Meta and i can’t collect all the consoles, but i think to do one later as i like it too. It’s why i don’t write alot on your forum, but i read it alot as i like more than the console how you exchange on the prorams, the hardware, … I like how you enter in the programs of the new prorgrammers and how you give tips and advices and i learn with it even it’s not the same console, the tips to proram are same.

So thanks for your forum and maybe see you later when i’ll make my own Arduboy or when i read your posts :wink:


You need to build yourself an Arduboy quickly … welcome aboard.


Hey :slight_smile:

I think it’s great that owners of other consoles participate here, I myself also own a Pokitto and plan to collect more of these consoles. I’m also registered on Gamebuino forums… I really think of “us” as members of the same community, because these subcommunities are interconnected anyway – by porting games, emulating each other and so on. Since they’re so cheap, people usually own multiple anyway. The great thing is since everything is so open, one person can make e.g. a library for their game, which someone else can use for a different game on a different console (I am currently doing just that BTW).

So yeah, looking forward for your games to come :slight_smile:


You’re riht drummyfish. ATM, you’re the most incredible community i know for these console and you’re alot very ood in your domains. There is so many games on Arduboy to port… I have begin to program with tutos and next by porting games from Gamebuino to META, it’s a good exercice to learn. Now i make my own little games and i dream to be able to do amazin games like some of you do on Arduboy.
I like the open hardware of the Arduboy too and i like the META as it’s permit to create jobs and alot of communication to reach a maximum of young people and try to help them to create their own games and not only are players and yes alot of tools can be used on different consoles (mapping tools, image converters, …) and i like the spirit of these communities as i find the spirit of comminities of the years 80 when i started to use computers and make some programs.


I dare not, lest it turn into yet another time sink.
(Or worse, they might make me a moderator :P)

I detest the word ‘community’, but I completely agree that we’re all interconnected.

‘cheap’ is relative. I wouldn’t call them ‘cheap’.
Certainly good value for money though.

@Jean-Charles_Lebeau, tu est français?
(Tu nom est trés français.)

Oui, je suis français. Ca doit se voir non seulement dans mon nom mais aussi dans l’orthographe de mes écrits en anglais. C’est aussi ce que j’aime dans la Gamebuino, le côté pédagogique et entrepreneur d’Aurélien, mais bon, je ne viens pas là pour parler de la Meta, mais surtout pour vous remercier de la qualité de vos échanges.
De plus, Pharap, je suis épaté par le travail que tu fais entre autre par rapport à l’analyse des codes postés et la qualité des conseils (je veux dire que même si tu as l’habitude, ça reste quand même un bon paquet de lignes de code a analyser…). De manière générale, je trouve cette communauté (désolé si tu n’aimes pas ce mot, c’est le seul qui me vienne à l’esprit) très hétérogène et complémentaire. C’est super, j’adore vous lire même si je décroche par ois car je ne suis pas aussi pointu que vous sur bien des sujets.
Je suis admiratif sur la qualité des jeux produis par certains d’entre vous. Faire avec une petite machine et très peu de mémoire, des jeux aussi beaux, aussi vastes ou simplement aussi originaux mérite bien quelques mot sde félicitation.


Sorry i answered in french but i said that the fact i’m french can be seen not only in my name but probably chen you read my english’s texts… I said that i would thanks you all for the quality of your exchanges.
It’s amazing for example how you analyse the programs codes, Pharap, to make quality advices and propositions to perfect them, use less memory, make them quickest, asw… Bah, i said alot of thins in french as i was admirate with the quality of the ames done by some of you. With a so litle console, with so few memory, making games so beautifull; so complex or just so originals merit a less some felicitations words.

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Sorry for the delay in the reply.
I went away for lunch, but I started watching an interesting programme about snakes.
(Black Mambas and Pythons are scary.)

I had already started writing before I went for lunch…

Je suis Anglais, et mon Français c’est ne pas bon.
(Je suis désolé si je fais des erreurs.)
Je comprende ca (avec de l’aide de mon ami - Google :P).
Oui, ca se voir dans ton orthographe en Anglais. (Un peu.)

En “the spirit of comminities of the years 80”: “of” -> “de” et “of the” -> “de les”.
Trés Français. :P

(@vampirics has accidentally typed ‘exemple’ instead of ‘example’ a few times. :P)

Google translated it as:

Yes I am French. It must be seen not only in my name but also in the spelling of my writings in English. It’s also what I like in the Gamebuino, the educational and entrepreneurial side of Aurélien, but hey, I do not come here to talk about the Meta, but especially to thank you for the quality of your exchange.
In addition, Pharap, I am amazed by the work you do among other things compared to the analysis of the codes posted and the quality of advice (I mean that even if you’re used to it, it’s still a good package code line to analyze …). In general, I find this community (sorry if you do not like this word, it’s the only one that comes to mind) very heterogeneous and complementary. It’s great, I love reading you even if I pick up sometimes because I’m not as sharp as you on many topics and I am admiring the quality of the games produced by some of you. Doing with a small machine and very little memory, games as beautiful, as large or just as original deserves a word of congratulation.

Merci pour ton mots gentils.
Rappelles toi, j’ai 5-6 ans d’expérience, et je fais beaucoup de lecture (principalement des articles internet).
Il n’y a pas de substitut à la connaissance.

Je recommande ca: https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp
(en Français aussi: https://fr.cppreference.com/w/cpp, mais certaines informations sont obsolètes).

If you ever want me to clarify something, please ask.
Expliquer C ++ en français semble amusant (et difficile). :P

Je n’aime pas le mot “community” parse que c’est ne pas un communauté.
Je ne connais pas mes voisins - nous vivons des vies isolées.

(Aussi, “community” et “diversity” sont ‘mot à la mode’ en Grande-Bretagne.
Mais peut-être que je suis juste grincheux? :P)

English and French have a lot in common.

Par exemple…
“pédagogique” = “pedagogic” (“pedagogic” est peu fréquent, “educational” est fréquent)
(et “fantastique” = “fantastic”, “musique” = “music”)
“hétérogène et complémentaire” = “heterogeneous and complementary”
(“heterogeneous” est peu fréquent, “diverse” est fréquent)
“habitude” = “habitual”
“communauté” = “community”

Et pour l’Anglais de Grande-Bretagne:

“theatre” = “theatre”, “metre” = “metre”, “litre” = “litre”
“couleur” -> “colour”, “honneur” -> “honour”, “rumeur” -> “rumour”

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And recently Scallops :joy:

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Hadn’t heard about that one. I was half expecting “Hinkley C” since that’s what I usually hear :P

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