Hi there Arduboy community!

Hi everybody,
I’m super excited I received my Arduboy last Saturday and I have been playing with the available libraries during the last few days coding a simple race game, which I will submit soon.
First of all, I’m the first early bird? :smile: that’s amazing. Secondly, the top right screw is missing :cry:


Oh no! missing screw! That’s not cool! I’ll ship you several replacement ones can you reach out to us on the contact page? https://www.arduboy.com/store/contact-us

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Kevin y-yo-you work for arduboy…YOU LUCKY PERSON!!!

He’s the creator of Arduboy :wink:

@Alberto, the 1 of 10,000 just means it’s 1 unit in a batch of 10,000 kickstarter edition units. Still is special though! Love mine :smiley:

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What how do I get a job there. Lol just kiddin