Himedun(Short RPG game)

This game is a short RPG style game.
The goal is to reach the goal on the 21st floor by sneaking through enemies and traps.
Choosing the right path, dealing with enemies, and dice luck are important.

This game is available in Japanese and English, so you can choose your favorite language!

↓Japanese ver
Himedun_Japanese.ino.arduino_leonardo.hex (78.7 KB)

↓English ver
Himedun_English.ino.arduino_leonardo.hex (74.4 KB)

You can download from here


I think you spent a little too much time on the assets…


I’m struggling to decide if that’s supposed to be a joke about body proportions or not.
(If it is, it’s very subtle, and probably could have benefitted from some italics.)

Either way, the Arduboy’s game repetoire could benefit from more full-height character portraits, so I’m certainly not complaining.

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I think this is a fun little game with an Axe slaying Anime babe :smiley:

Thanks for also making an English version. Although the Japanese makes it more authentic :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, but I can’t shorten this asset because it is my obsession for this game.


Thank you very much.
I have been wanting to make a game with large sized characters on the Arduboy for a while now.

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Yes probably he does but result is very good… :slight_smile:


your awesome dude. this is awesome . i love it brah!

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Lol I was hoping not only to get a smile when I won :crazy_face:

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Thank you for playing my game!

The princess’s smile was added to fit in the last remaining space after the game was completed.