Hiring Arduboy Magazine Writers!

(Arduboy Magazine) #1

Here at Arduboy Magazine we are only a small team, and we are in need of dedicated individuals who are interested in either writing articles or graphic design. Preferably pixel art. Interested? Direct Message me or reply on this article and i’ll Direct Message you.

Any questions? Reply to this thread and i’ll answer them. Anybody is welcome.


Are the positions still available?

(ET) #3

I would be interested in pixel art and writing ( when i have something to write about). I have had my arduboy for 2 days now and would love to jump right in to all this with such a great community.

(Celine) #4

Pixel Art would be amazing! We are always looking out for new art for cover pages :slight_smile:

(Celine) #5

Yes! We are always looking out for new content… Articles, Interviews, talking about your game, what you learnt about using Arduboy, Arduboy modifications, photos, art, etc :slight_smile:

(ET) #6

Any ideas on what you might want or jsut make up some random stuff? just looking for an art direction…
like 1) is 8-bit / retro2) Arduboy themed 3) …?

(Celine) #7

Random Arduboy related stuff is fine. Maybe showing some game sprites / showing an Arduboy being used…
Or if you want to just do icons you can make some for the Header Icons like “A Welcome Note” or “Company News” etc… Reference: https://issuu.com/arduboymag/docs/vol_1

(Celine) #8

Came across this yesterday and thought about this thread…
Could be an interesting artwork collage with Arduboy game characters (either in 8-bit glory or visualised as real life). :slight_smile: