Holidate - a visual novel *Extended edition released!*

Holidate is a Christmas-themed visual novel where you go on a date with Frosty the Snowman.

Press RIGHT on the dpad to advance the text.

NEW 12.19.2017 EXTENDED edition update
New graphics, new effects, achievements for tracking endings, easter eggs
Hex: https://github.com/DanielleMorganLapis/Holidate/releases/download/2/HoliDate.ino.hex
Source code: https://github.com/DanielleMorganLapis/Holidate/archive/2.zip

Created by Lapis Games:
Danielle Morgan Lapis and Molly Carpenter.

Many MULTIPLE different endings are available. Will you win the heart of Frosty?


Original, older version:
Hex file: https://github.com/DanielleMorganLapis/Holidate/releases/download/1/HoliDate.ino.hex
Source code: https://github.com/DanielleMorganLapis/Holidate/archive/1.zip


Why use boot() instead of begin() ?
You currently have plenty of free program space.

Probably out of the same reason a couple of us do. :sweat_smile:
It’s annoying when developing/testing and forgetting about it in the public release.


Not done yet and how all my programs are setup. Is there a great advantage to begin over boot? I also don’t like getting blinded by the leds. If you look at HR I used the led on the lowest brightness.

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There was no mention of this in the original post.

You can bypass the logo sequence by holding the RIGHT button when powering up, or pressing Right while the logo is scrolling.

If want to use boot() during development, with the intent to change it to begin() for release, it’s helpful to include a comment, such as:

//  arduboy.begin()
  arduboy.boot() // TODO Remove this and uncomment begin() before public release

as a reminder to yourself and to let others remind you if you forget.

It provides a standardised startup “look and feel”.

  • Having the flashlight mode can be useful in the dark. It also provides a work-around for the bootloader “magic key” problem. It’s difficult to predict if a given sketch will cause this, which requires use of the reset button (with tricky timing) if something like flashlight() or safeMode() isn’t available.

  • systemButtons() provides a standardised way to control global sound muting without the need to include sound on/off functions in the sketch itself.

  • The capability to display a Unit Name at the end of the logo sequence can be useful if you own more than one Arduboy.

Surprise! :grin:

That sounds like the most useful feature. I run into situations where I have to use reset frequently.
I had no intention of using begin because I do expect to cut it close on space. Would be nice if there was a way to get the magic key work around without having to use begin.

You can use safeMode() if memory is so tight that flashlight() won’t fit.

Thank you, I’ll check that out.
I have another game I have been sitting on because I need to trim about 3k for it to fit.:cry:

Just so everyone knows. Holidate in its current form is complete and should be playable. Our intention is to enhance the game before the new deadline.


Always in the friendzone…


You really got to get to know frosty to win his heart.

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Extended Game Jam Release. Achievements, progress saving with optional EEPROM use. Some extra story text and graphics.

Filled to the brim. Hope it fits for you.


In case anybody wants to try the EEPROM backup and restore. Program is cross platform. Linux and Windows binaries in release. Should compile for arm too.

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Maybe I should write a strategy guide.

Thanks for being my Holidate, Snowman! :heart:


The graphics and text on this game are perfect! Too bad Mr Snowman is ice cold! It would be great to see additional characters added during the next holiday.

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We were thinking about having a version with a new/extra character, like maybe a female character. But there really isn’t a well known female holiday character.

Maybe not ‘well known’, but what about Easter herself?? :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

Ignoring Mrs Claus (since she’s taken), and the female reindeer (I’m pretty sure ‘Vixen’ is female, not sure about the rest), what about La Calavera Catrina?

Has the Easter bunny been sexed?