Homeade arduboy 1.54" screen

I always wanted an arduboy but was never lucky enough to find one in stock. So I built my own! I call it the sandwich because i used 2 protoboards to build it. It has a very bright 1.54 inch screen, 6 big clicky buttons, 2 bright RGB leds, a 16mb flash chip and uses a Teensy 2.0. It was very tricky to connect the two boards together but I think it looks good.
If you have any questions leave them below :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Nice, how did you get everything so compact?

Sick!! It looks pretty clean, that’s a nice build if I ever seent one

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It’s about 90mm × 70mm so it’s still pretty small. I used thin wire (some kind of computer cables) to connect the two boards together. As you can see on the picture the pcb is upside down which makes it posible to solder all the components and even the wires without problem. This is my first try so it’s not very tidy.


It’s called ribbon cable.


Thank you! Im Croatian, we call it “flah kabel”.


That’s pretty tidy for what it is honestly!! I think you did a great job, even the inner guts, rats nested as they are, are pretty aesthetically appealing! What’s the PCB in the corner? Liion/lipo charger would be my guess but I’m not sure.

Thank you! The PCB in the corner is a TP4056 lipo charger. I removed the usb port from the board so the charging is done through the Teensy.


Sick! Do you just connect to RAW or VCC?

I cut the trace that goes from the USB to the Teensy. So If you want to program the Teensy you have to turn the power on from the battery and then yo can do it.

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Did you have to make your own rails to connect multiple grounds?

Which trace? V+ or GND? just curious

The V+ one.

I just made a solder strip to which I soldered all the ground connections.

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