Homemade Arduboy 1309 screen offset

Hello everybody,

I downloaded the complete set of games on the cart builder site (great work).
I uploaded the bin file with the correction option for the 1309 screen on some but now some of the (fullscreen?) games have a portion of the top of the game displayed at the bottom?

What can be causing this?

Thanks Per.

I think this is actually the result of the patch not being applied correctly to the game? I think it may come from the use of an earlier library that didn’t have the same init structure? just a guess

@mr.blinky is the authority, of course.

Another example…


Do any of the games work?

I wonder if this is more about those games not using the standard Arduboy / Arduboy2 library and therefore the patcher not seeing the exact screen initialisation string?

Those are older games so I assume they are not using Arduboy 2 library

EDIT: Nope just checked skate ard die is using arduboy 2

Bugger, there goes that idea!

I had checked Hopper and it uses its own library.

Did you use the python tools or the toolset to make the upload?

Do other games work, or is it just some?

The toolset uses @Mr.Blinky’s python scripts under the covers.

Yeah I just was just asking for debugging purposes. (Like maybe the patch not actually getting applied as it should)

I actually have had issues with the toolset in regards to my raycaster examples; the art shows up garbled sometimes. I have no idea what it is and can’t replicate it in any other games, so… It definitely could be the toolset (if it’s being used)

When you build with the python scripts it should print out it’s attempt to apply the patch and whether it was successful or not. (I think?)

I used mr Blinky’s python set.

(All)Most (all) off the games work, only with the strange offset.

There’s not output in the console, only the message that the 1309 patch will be applied.

The patch does something, because if i upload the bin without it i get a split screen left/right swapped. This is what the patch corrects (i think)

Oh and another thing, i used another bin containing multiple games (don’t know where i got it from) and this one worked correctly (with patch applied)

You should download the various bins from the cart site - normal FX, SH1106, 8BitCadeXL and Mini carts - and see if any work properly after patching.

Which did you download from the cart site originally?

Which tool did you use?

The shift in display looks consistant in each of your pictures. Is the shift also present on the loader menu?

If you upload just the hexfile with the SSD1309 option checked, does it look the same?

I used your python tools.
In the loader menu the shift is not visible, but that’s black on black…

Haven’t tried a single hex file yet, will give it a go.

I think all games (in the fx bin) will have this shift but it’s only visible in the full screen ones. Other games use black borders on top and bottom…

The arduboy an 1306 version.

Which one?

Also how have you wired your Homemade Arduboy?