Homemade Arduboy I2C Screen Is Jumping around

I just received an arduino pro micro from amazon so I could build my own arduboy. I hooked it up using Mr Blinky’s Homemade arduboy package but the I2C OLED Display that uses the SSD1306 driver keeps jumping around. If anybody knows what’s wrong I would really appreciate any help.

You’re not giving much to go with. How did you wire things up, what options did you use for uploading, what sketch did you upload. The more details you give the more helpful that will be. A clear picture of your project might be helpful too.

I’ve tried uploading both Arduventure and Minesweeper using the Arduino IDE but both yield the same result

Arduboy Setup

Nothing wrong with that. How’s your hardware wiring?

Could be you need to supply more current. When testing the voltage on my homemade Arduboy screen, I noticed that the image would become garbled when the voltage was turned down too low.

It doesn’t jump around when I try the test code in the adafruit SSD1306 library

I have it wired so the SCL - Pin 4 SDA - Pin 6 on my pro micro. I’ve disconnected everything else to try and get the screen to work.

I’m sure you mean the other way around otherwise you don’t get a picture at all.
I’ve done some more tests here. My 5V I2C displays work fine. but my 3V displays jumble like yours. Can you show pictures of yours?

I think I have a fix for you. Download this updated Arduboy2Core.cpp Arduboy2 library file and repace the one in:

<Arduino Folder>\packages\arduboy-homemade\hardware\avr\1.2.7\libraries\Arduboy2\src\Arduboy2Core.cpp

Also download and replace core.cpp for original Arduboy library and relace:

<Arduino Folder>\packages\arduboy-homemade\hardware\avr\1.2.7\libraries\Arduboy\src\core\core.cpp

I’ve tried so many things to fix this problem so i’m going to order an SPI display instead of the I2C one.