Homemade Arduboy screen flashing on upload (SH1106) [Solved]

Hello everyone, me and the class have just finished building our arduboy’s but we’re having trouble with the software, whenever we upload any game or tests the screen flashes, it’s white wiyh black dots. We managed to get some moving text on it by moving the coordinates.
We are using the Arduino micro pro and the screen is called " 1’3" OLED V2.0. we would really appreciate some help.


Most 1.3" displays use an SH1106 controller chip. The standard Arduboy expects a display with an SSD1306 controller. This may be the cause of the problem.

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If you install Blinky’s homebrew arduboy library and have it selected in the board manager then just recompile a game using the ssh1106 display in the tools menu of the arduino IDE and it should work.

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Assuming the display is the problem, @Mr.Blinky’s board package is located here:


It’s great to see Arduboy is being built in class! :+1:

As @MLXXXp already mentioned most 1.3"displays sold now have a SH1106 controller. This controller is compatible with the original SSD1306 used in Arduboy in some ways. However the fast display mode used by Arduboy isn’t supported on the SH1106.

When a SH1106 display is used with the standard library, there will only be activity on the 8 top lines and the remaining lines will not change. They may be black or contain randomly lit pixels.

If this is the case then you should download and install the Homemade package as @Pharap already mentioned.

The options you want will be:

  • Board: Homemade Arduboy
  • Based on: (Sparkfun) Pro Micro standard wiring
  • Display: SH1106
    (The other options can be left to their default settings)