Homemade Arduboy weird issues

Hi all!

I am once again having no luck getting my Arduboy to work. I am having a strange screen flip issue (upside down and off to the side). I am confident that the issue is not being caused by software. This is my schematic, and here is the issue.

Please help me!!



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I don’t see the problem :slight_smile:

Is the display always flipped like that?

In my experience when the display gets flipped (sometimes) there is an issue with CS and / or DC


My inverter chip was fried, I replaced it and now it’s working! Thanks :slight_smile:


Looks like it was actually working too hard.

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Okay so I’ve had another inverter chip die on me:

I think something is going wrong when I plug it into power and flash to the chip.

It’s to my understanding the inverter can work with up to 5.5V yet it never receives more than 4.7V when plugged in via micro USB.

This is the link to the inverter, maybe there is something I am missing?


The chip is 5V tolerant (unless you’ve got a fake chip) The most likely reason for it to blow is if the output has a too heavy load. see if there is a short of some kind. In your schematic you have a 10K pull up on the output (R1). A 10K one wouldn’t cause issues but is it realy a 10K one ? Also you can remove it as the output shouldn’t need a pullup.

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I recently did some reading on powering the arduino not through the USB port. Unfortunately in my schematic I’ve used RAW as the input from my power circuit, is this okay? Or is it preferred to use VCC as the input?

Using raw is okay but because of the voltage regulator of the pro micro the Vcc voltage will be a bit lower than when connected directly to Vcc