Homemade Arduboy with acrylic glass case and flash cart


The 1.5.” oLED comes in two versions, the cheaper SPD0301 (RMB 60) which is a newer model but 100% compatible with SSD1309 (RMB 80)
I bought the SPD0301 and used your flash writer script for SSD1309 without any issue.


Since I have a 16 pin header at the bottom of my board for boot loader flashing and external console buttons, I have an idea to remove all buttons from the baseboard and insert another circuit board thru the header and slide on top of the baseboard where the original buttons are located like a button shield. Then I can change to a different button shield depending on the usecase. Eg silent slow buttons, fast clicky buttons or even analog joysticks. Kids can plug in all types of sensors for experiments too.


I like the Odroid-Go game console as an alternative for a more power game console and micro python capable machine.
Just built a homemade Odroid-go using parts from taobao.com on a 7cmx9cm double-sided prototype PCB.
Here is the video: