Homemade arduboy with flash memory

I now see you use a 6 pin SPI display (instead of a 7 pin one) and it doesn’t have a CS (Chip Select) so the display is always selected. The flashchip and display use the same SPI bus. So commands and data are also written to the display causing unexpected behaviour. This may cause your problem.

To check the flash image was written correctly. Try this:

  • rename flash-writer.py to flashcart-writer-verify.py
  • open command promt (WinKey+R > cmd > enter)
  • drag and drop the flashcart-writer-verify.py into the command promt
  • click anywhere inside the command promt so the windows gets focus and press the space bar once
  • drag and drop the flashcart-image.bin into the command promt and press enter. The image file is now written and verified to the flash chip

You still haven’t mentioned how you wired your display to the ProMicro. So it’s difficult to give more help.

my oled ssd1306 >>>> pro Micro

  • >>>>  VCC
  •  >>>>  GND

CLK>>>> 15
SDA>>>> 16
RES>>>> 6
DC >>>> 4

Wiring flash card:

pin1 >>> RX
pin2 >>> 14
pin3 >>> VCC
pin4 >>> GND

pin5 >>> 16
pin6 >>> 15
pin7 >>> vcc
pin8 >>> vcc


Did I do it right?

I will upload a single game with your uploader, it will run without any problems

ok youve used standard wiring so the games on the flash cart are playable for you.

You didn’t do the command command properly. If you follow the instructions correctly both files will be a single command. you probably pressed enter after you pressed space which you shouldn’t

if you see the black screen. try move left or right and press A or B button once or twice. and see if a game appears.

Yes, thank you very much, Mr. Blinky.
I pressed the A and B buttons.
Arduboy’s voice shows that everything is fine.
But the

I think I succeeded.

My only problem is the screen

In this video, I think you better understand the problem with the screen

Yes the problem is that the display is always enabled and flash data is also written to the display as explained before.

Since your display does not have a chip select pin.A way to prevent data from clocking into the display while the flashchip is selected is to feed the Pro micro CLK and rx outputs into an and gate and connect it’s output to the display CLK input. you could also build an simple and gate with a 1K resistor and a (schottky) diode (asuming you know what and gate and the other parts are).

I just thought this idea up so no guarantees. Just thinking how you can use that 6-pin oled after all.
Here's a little schematic:


Edit: Above schematic idea was unsuccessful. Check out this post for the one that works.

Thanks Mr.Blinky

I’m familiar with the parts
Maybe I should use a 7-pin screen

If I use a 7-pin screen
Which pro micro should I connect the CS pin to?

in schematic
What is the number of the diode?

If you use a 7-pin OLED you need to add an inverter (or one made of a transistor) to RX and it’s output to OLED CS

If you use the ProMicro alternate wiring instead then you don't need any additional parts but you would need to recompile the games and can't use the Arduboy flash images.

Your suggestion for using the gate circuit was amazing!
I have a good screen now

It just doesn’t show me anything

ِDiode SS24
R 1K

new video screen status

Will I run out of memory if I burn the flashcart-writer-verify.py file to Arduboy more than once?

Good the display works with games now but it seems the screen doesn’t work properly yet in bootloader menu.

Try swapping the resistor and diode inputs. Connect SCK to resistor instead of RX and connect RX to diode instead of SCK.

No the image is writen over the old image and the flash chip can usually be reprogrammed 100K - 1M times.

I moved rx and sck.
The screen is completely off.

How can I upload some of my favorite games to arduboy?

I feel I have a problem uploading
Everything is fine but the boot menu is not good):

problem is that in the bootloader menu accesses the flash chip and that gets the display confused. I thoung that my proposed idea might fix it but sofar it didn’t.

You could also try this:


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Thank you for your help, Mr. Blinky

I did the circuit very well
The screen now works well in the Arduboy boot menu

Two SS36 diodes and 1k resistor

This video shows the proper performance of Arduboy :slight_smile:

How do I replace my favorite games with your game package?


Great to the last design works!

To make your own game collection. Have a look at the example folder. You will need to edit or create a new .csv file where you put links to your games and preview images. Your games and preview images you put in a subfolder. When you’re done you drag and drop the csv file onto the flashcart-builder.py script which creates a flash image file.

You can also give the Arduboy FX image a try


thank you very much

With your help, I was able to add new games.
Now I do not have a problem with flash memory.
Everything is fine.


Great to see it all working as it should now and you’re unique problem has sparked a new solution for adding a flash chip to a Pro Micro using the standard wiring scheme.

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It’s very nice to see it’s all working! I just recently finished my flashcart-arduboy, so I know the feeling when you’ve finally finished a project you’ve been working on for so long :wink:

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Good work JiNa, you (of course with help from the magnificent mr Blinky) did it!

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I wanted to buy the parts to build the minty Pi, I built my arduboy already (go check it out :grin:) so I’m interested is it really usable in the Altoid box and how much did the whole thing cost? Thanks!