Hopper - A simple action game


How to play

There are square panels around you. You must jump on them and go up (foreground side).
If you miss the panel and fall toward bottom, the game is over.

hopper_shot1 hopper_shot2



Download HEX file. (Updated as version 0.21 on November 5th)
Or check out souce code and build project in ‘hopper’ folder.


It looks great. I can’t wait to play, bro :joy:

Congrats on a fine looking game! Gonna load it up later!

Great work, and really well done. Uses so much of the Arduboy’s capabilities, I really like how you implemented the 3D erspective and the sense of acceleration with the background stars. Really good design

The sense of depth is really cool, if there’s ever a port on a colour system it would be awesome in Anaglyph 3D.

Any plans for a “pause” button? Have been having tons of fun with it otherwise!


Interesting! Have you considered adapting the code for a ‘dropper’ variant?

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Looks great … love the splash screen.

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This is an amazing demo, I haven’t had a chance to load it on an Arduboy yet but I’m sure it looks even better in person with the high frame rate! Nice work!

Hi everyone.
Thank you for playing this game!

Actually I released original version on cell-phone.
It’s colored but not so awesome…?

Hm… I’ll consider pause function.

Sorry but what is ‘dropper’ variant?

OBN-soft !! OBN-soft !!

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@eried added ‘Hopper’ to his repository:
Check it out!!


This is my first post on this board, Ive been lurking for a while.

I just wanted to say thanks for this game - I really like it! So far my favorite!

I think it works really well because it’s relatively quick to play yet has that “I want one more go” appeal.
Graphics are great - smooth and fluid and the sound complements the action nicely.

Well done!


Hi everyone.

I released version 0.21 !!
Pause function is added.

How is this?


Works out great!! Thank you so much for the update!

Great game. Looks and works greart Thank you

It’s my pleasure!
How much is your best score? Over 400 is awesome.

Only like 100 somthin lol. But its a whole new type of game, for me anyway. Havnt seen anything like it. Good job. Make more! :smiley:

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Dude, you make some of the best-looking Arduboy games. Not gonna lie! Love them!

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This game is very good!
thank you for make this game!

by one of Japanese gamer.


もしよければ、enpit0524 さんの作品を遊んでみたいです~。

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