Hopper - A simple action game

(Stephane C) #21

This games looks to be really nice. Unfortunately it seems that i can’t upload it to my Arduboy, i tried to upload it with Ardumate and Eried uploader but i get an error while trying to upload it. (and it’s not even loading in Felipe’s emulator.)

Here’s the error i get : lenght=0; RegionStart=0; RegionLenght=0

Any ideas what the problem could be? i looked in the forums here and no one seems to have the same problem.

(Felipe Manga) #22

Does your hex file look like this?

Right now, it’s not working in the emulator due to server issues. When it tries to load the game, all it gets is “Internal Server Error”.

(Stephane C) #23

Yes it’s the same file i got. and the game wasn’t working lasse week in the emulator for me as well.

(Pharap) #24

Try this:

I recompiled it from source.

I think one of the reasons other people haven’t noticed a problem is that a number of people prefer to compile from source rather than using hex files.

(Phil Graham) #25

It certainly works as I’ve put it onto my Arduboy just now. Very good game btw.

(Stephane C) #26

Thanks Pharap! the .hex you compiled works perfect for me now.
I am a graphic designer, so coding wasn’t what got me into the arduboy, i was interested in seeing what people can do within the limitations and maybe trying my hand at pixel art for it. That’s why i didn’t try to compile it myself. Except some Basic programming on my old Vic-20 and TRS-80 i never really got into learning anything else :wink:

(Pharap) #27

Compiling on the Arduino IDE is pretty straightforward (assuming you’ve got the right board and serial port selected).

For some games (e.g. Easter Panic) you can just get the code from github, unzip the .zip file, open the main .ino file and press the upload button.
For others (e.g. Dark & Under) you sometimes have to rename the upper folder first so it doesn’t have the branch name that github puts on it (e.g. -master), it depends on how the author has set the code up.

Long story short, compiling source code is less daunting than writing code (on the Arduino IDE at least, other compilers tend to be more complicated).

I’m guessing the other hex is out of date or something.
It might be a bit finnicky because it’s using the old library.

(David Inwood) #28

This is a very unforgiving game! One mistake and it’s often instant game over. But it’s addictive too. I like how player’s movement doesn’t feel constrained in any way by the tiny screen.

(Phil Graham) #29

Would it be possible to be able to select a level? As I need practice on Level 2.

(OBONO) #30

Sorry, I didn’t notice recent postings.
It seems that the problem was solved, but I wonder if my hex file is strange.
Did you failed in uploading the hex file? Or, the game wasn’t worked though you succeeded in uploading?
It may possibly be wrong when I compile to hex file.

@FManga @Pharap
Thank you for supporting him.

(OBONO) #31

@phil8715 @DavidInwood
Thank you for playing.
But I have no plan to add level-selecting function. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Phil Graham) #32

Must admit it’s brilliant little game.

(Josh Goebel) #33

Was thinking of porting this to Gamebuino… do you have the original PNG/BMP assets for the graphics/fonts that are encoded in the C code?