HotButter - 12th demo by TEAM a.r.g

As a member of TEAM a.r.g. I present you our 12th demo.

You’re free to contribute and make the demo bigger, better, showing what can be done with Arduboy



arduboy file for easy uploading :

TEAM a.r.g. Demo webpage: Redacted

This Demo uses the all new ATMlib 4 channel tracker synth: Redacted

Thanks go to Scotty for the ATM Player image.

Moderator Note:
Links to Team ARG’s website have been removed due to malicious new owners.


Nice melody. Very nice.

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Could I possible borrow that music for my next game?

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Wouldn’t it be better to ask the original copyright owners about this?


well done to all involved

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Indeed! Well done @JO3RI and all of Team ARG involved! And well done Gershon Kingsley!


awesome work, can you say how much memory the song takes and how much cpu the lib consumes?

well if you download the file compile it, you will have how much memory it takes up, this is a

take out the song compile it again this is b

subtract b from a to get c (how big the song is)

now take b and subtract it from a to get d, how much the library takes up

According to twitter the song is about 400 or so bytes. But the interesting bit is how big the lib is


The library is about 2KB, which indeed isn’t that small, but it makes multiple small songs possible. Don’t forget playtones or tunes takes room too. CPU is at 40% or something.

The compile size of the complete Demo is rather big because of the giant font we used AND it is masked. The font on it’s own takes 9120 bytes and the full sized image an other 1024 bytes.

just so you know this was stuck in my head when i woke up thismorning

well its still stuck in my head, catchy tune good choice

darn you make a catchy tune so i have to download it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm… I could rework Circuit Dude to free up 2kb…


ya 2kb SOUNDS big, but you have to keep in mind what you get in return

in this case, small price to pay

also im a hair dissapointed that the demo i downloaded and the vid were a hair different… i watched the whole thing mutiple times, no piano :frowning:

@curly wait … what ? no piano ? Do the boot logo and the TEAM a.r.g. logo appear ?

if i remember right it was just words going across the screen thanking various folks, ill load it again and see

HA, you compiled ! But … you didn’t update Arduboy2 to the latest version (so should you do with ATMlib)

(sprite function has been updated recently to draw images bigger than 127 pixels, and the image is 128 wide)

i checked if the atm was uptodate, when i went to the library manager to do so and it auto updated all libraries, so i thought ill check again

aparently it didnt update anything lol misleading updated now :slight_smile:

well whata ya know it looks like the vidio now, thanks @JO3RI

If you want help, let me know. This space needed can be reduced further if you’re willing to accept some compromises (fewer than 4 channels, etc). I also have idea for a MUCH more minimal music encoding… if someone wanted to have a large score it’d probably take 50% less space than the current encoding.